Scottsdale woman keeps 85-year-old cookie as family heirloom

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Penny Rickhoff of Scottsdale has a different kind of lucky family heirloom.

It’s kept inside a jewelry box and it has at least one similarity to a diamond.

**EMBARGO: Phoenix, AZ** Penny Rickhoff has the cookie her mother's first love gave her 85 years ago.

The cookie Penny Rickoff’s mother received 85-years-ago.

“It’s hard as a rock,” Rickhoff said.

The item isn’t a treasure but a treat.

“It’s a cookie,” Rickhoff said.

85 years ago, she said her mother’s first love gave her the cookie.

She doesn’t think it’s strange.

“People back then, shoot, didn’t have a lot of money,” Rickhoff said. “So you bake a cookie, what else can you do?”

She said she stores the cookie with her jewelry.

The icing spells out Bus, which was her mother’s boyfriend.

“She wanted to keep it as a memento,” Rickhoff said.

She also kept the original Valentine card, again, from the 1930s.

It’s a different kind of keepsake that is still sweet, in a way, 85 years later.

“It’s a lucky cookie, as I say,” Rickhoff said.

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