Family & Football: Bill Dee’s legacy lives on in Hampton Roads

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Bill Dee won multiple state titles at Phoebus High school.

Bill Dee won multiple state titles at Phoebus High school.

It's been a day of mourning for the Hampton Roads football community, but when you ask former coaches and players about Bill Dee, they'll tell you that his impact will live on forever.

Bill was a teacher, not only of the kids, he was a teacher of the staff, he taught us well," said former assistant coach Ron Johnson. Johnson was a part of Dee's Phoebus coaching staff that helped lead the Phantoms to multiple state championships.

Stan Sexton, who would later become the head coach at Phoebus, was also an assistant under Dee. "This was a person who taught me football" Sexton said. "I think a lot of it had to do with him pushing me, beyond my limits so one day I could become a head coach."

Roles were major in Dee's program. If you were on the staff, you had a specific role. "I had never kicked a football in my life, and he told me go get the kickers." said Phoebus special teams coordinator Dick Van Dyke. Van Dyke has stayed at Phoebus ever since the Dee days and is still holding down the special teams with Jeremy Blount. "I'm thankful, because he made me who I am."

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