Lesner Bridge Replacement Project behind schedule

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VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. - Don't expect the orange construction cones at the Lesner Bridge to go away any time soon.

The bridge’s replacement project, which began in 2014, is behind schedule.

Authorities are blaming the delay on weather.

But whatever the reason, it's causing headaches for some Virginia Beach businesses.

"Construction causes people to be a little upset and drive a little crazier," Christy Stauffer, a barista at The American Brew, said.

She says the craziness is a double edged sword.

"People get backed up. They see us, they notice us – so that’s always a good thing. But sometimes it bad because all the traffic getting backed up then trying to pull in or out of here becomes a problem," she told News 3.

Stauffer said the problem’s aren't something want to deal with.

"That sometimes causes frustration," she said.

A feeling that will likely continue.

City officials say the project is now expected to be completed in 2018.

When it's finished, the completed Lesner Bridge will consist of six traffic lanes.

Stuaffer says the delay is not the news she wanted but they will cash in in the long run.