Sen. Kaine, Rep. Scott hold forum at Newport News church 

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NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - Sen. Tim Kaine joined U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott at Gethsemane Baptist Church in Newport News Friday.

From concerns about immigration -- to health care -- to national security, Sen. Kaine and Rep. Scott
tackled a number of issues at a forum that initially started as a conversation about the affordable care act and civil rights.

Both lawmakers saying they don't want to see the ACA repealed without a replacement and they're talking with Republicans about improvements.

"Health care is one-sixth of the economy, you're not only going to hurt providers and patients. You also inject uncertainty in one-sixth of the economy and that's not gonna work out well," said Kaine.

But when it came time for questions many brought up President Donald Trump, his decision-making and his relationship with Russia.

Vanda Jaggard has two sons in the military. "I don`t want my son to have to respond if there`s some type of conflict that could`ve been avoided," said Jaggard.

Kaine said working with the new administration has been a test.

"I think we have a system that is stronger than any individual. I think the checks and balances in this system are being tested. There are some people who are part of the White House team who scare me -- one left this week, General Flynn," he said.

Looking ahead -- both say another big test will be the president's budget.

"I would like to see an increase in defense spending but you have to do it in the context of a budget," said Scott. "You can't have increases in defense spending, tax cuts and think you're going to deal with budget deficit."

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