Adorable photo shows adopted pit bull hugging new owner

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PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – A photo of a rescued pit bull hugging his new owner has gone viral.

Kayla Filoon and her newly adopted dog, Russ, were sitting on the couch when a friend snapped a picture.

According to Filoon’s aunt, Jamie Holt, the dog was adopted from Animal Care & Control Team Philly. Holt and Filoon are volunteer’s at the shelter.

Filoon told Today in an email that she spotted Russ in his kennel while volunteering. Russ was underweight and had several health issues. He was sick with kennel cough, had an eye infection and itchy skin and his tail was bleeding.

After playing with Russ at the shelter, Filoon told TODAY she “fell in love” with Russ.

The photo was posted on February 6. As of February 11, the picture has nearly 60,000 shares.