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Spice of Blythe: How to party outside the box

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Planning a party?  You should be; there's plenty to celebrate!

Next time you do, forget the boring decorations, forget the boring menu, and SPICE it up a notch!

Not just the food, either.  How about some decorations? How about choosing a time period? And how about dressing up all your friends in crazy costumes??

That's what we did recently at the Pink Magnolia.  We threw the ultimate dinner party by dressing up the staff, inventing characters, and inviting our guests to join the fun at the (Pink) Magnolia Manor!

All you have to do to follow our lead is go to a thrift store or some garage sales for costumes and decorations (or your old clothes you've been meaning to donate) and let your imagination run wild!

The most important thing is that you're creative, have fun, and get crazy with it!

Partying outside the box - now that's the Spice of Blythe!