Man wants Norfolk neighbors warned after crimes caught on video

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NORFOLK, Va. - One man wants his neighborhoods warned and aware after he caught crimes on his security camera.

Tom Connelly has security cameras posted in his window.

On January 9 video was captured of what appeared to be a group of young men trying to open doors and trucks in a parking lot near 38th Street and Granby Street in Norfolk.

gun-on-ladyTom Connelly posted this video on the on the website NEXTDOOR.

He said he wants his neighbors to see what criminals are doing when they think no one is watching.

“It's concerning. I worry about the young ladies that live in the building,” said Connelly.

Denise Worden lives in the building and had a gun pointed at her head last January in the same
parking lot.

“Survival. I thought he was going to kill me actually,” said Worden.

Wednesday Worden said no one was arrested for the crime against her.

“He was maybe 10 feet away, pointing the gun at me,” said Worden, “So I stood there screaming and then a neighbor came running out to help and he ran and was gone.”

Connelly said they’ve made improvements to lights and security to his property and added a sign to let people know they’re being watched.

“We've had to put signs up,” said Connelly, “but it doesn't seem to matter.”

Now he just wants others to be warned and the criminals to stay away.