Is It Worth It?! News 3 tests out the latest infomercial products

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All this week on News 3 This Morning, we test out some of the craziest infomercial products you’ve seen on TV.

A portable blender that’ll solve all of your drink mixing needs, a cheap way to get out those expensive car scratches and the easiest way to cook scrambled eggs in under a minute – do these products actually work?!

tornado-bottle         scratch-away        eggtastic

We put the Mighty Jump to the test. Can this small battery really jump your dead battery from the inside of your car?!


Ever heard of the One Second Slicer? The all in one food preparation station claims to be the end to all of your slicing and dicing problems – but is it true?!


We want to find out if buying these products are worth it – watch News 3 This Morning to find out! Join us each day this week starting at 5 a.m.!

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