“It helps me get through the day:” Anonymous signs encourage mother battling cancer

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - The writing is literally on the wall of Brooke Fox's home.

"The day after I had my first treatment, I walked outside and saw the fearless sign," said Fox. "Then the next day, I woke up, came outside and saw another one I think it was positive that showed up."

Since January 18, signs with encouraging words have been hung on Fox's fence. She doesn't know who is doing it, but she knows why.

"It helps me get through the day. Even this morning was my toughest day yet," Fox explained.

The mother of two and teacher at Norfolk Academy was diagnosed with stage two colon cancer in December. She began treatment a few weeks ago.

The signs began appearing the next day.

"The day that it said spunky it made me feel spunky today I said I can be brave I can be valiant because this helps give me the push that I need."

Everyday, a new sign appears on her fence. Not only do the words help her heal, they're also inspiring her to help others.

"I want to pay this forward. When I get through this and I will get through this, I want to pay it forward to the next person. I think everyone going through any situation whether it be cancer or just a difficult time in life could be uplifted by something like this," said Fox.

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