Dog owner says Williamsburg pet hotel is responsible for his dog’s death

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WILLIAMSBURG, Va. - A tiny Yorkshire terrier named Ganache spent his last days alone. His owner said he left the dog with a popular kennel and two weeks later the dog was dead. The kennel's attorney said his client did nothing wrong.



Photos from happier days and an urn with ashes. These are the memories left of Ganache.

"I miss him," said Corey Chasse, who boarded Ganache at St. Francis Pet Resort while he took a 10-day trip to Arizona. The kennel's website advertises it as a luxury kennel, but Chasse now thinks otherwise.

"Our dogs are our children. They're our family," said Chasse.

Over the 10 days the dog was in the kennel, reports show Ganache's weight dropped dramatically. On Dec . 2, the report shows Ganache weighed more than seven pounds. Just one week later, the dog weighed just more than five pounds. What happened to Ganache depends on who you ask.

"In my opinion, I believe they killed my dog ultimately," said Chasse.

Chasse said the kennel neglected his dog by not feeding him properly. The kennel denies that. Reports show the kennel started force-feeding the dog once they noticed the problem.

"Every time [the report] wrote force feed, they charge you $13, $14 to force feed him after they neglected to feed him in the first place. It's ludicrous," said Chasse.

 The resort offered this statement saying:

We work with people and their pets on a daily basis and fully recognize and appreciate the strength, importance and value of the human-animal bond. Our thoughts and prayers are with (Mr. Chasse and his family) in this difficult time.

When Chasse took this photograph of his dog in his final hours, he knew the end was near.

"He was dying. So I....I held him and at that point, the doctor said you need to make a decision and the decision was to have him put down."

Chasse said he spent more than $5,000 for the worst experience of his life, but mostly he just misses his friend.

Click here to view the full statement from St. Francis Pet Resort.


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