Hampton Health Dept. finds dog that scratched someone at dog park on New Year’s Day

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HAMPTON, Va. – The Hampton Health Department was looking for a dog that scratched someone¬†on New Year’s Day.

On January 5 the dog was located and animal control was able to eliminate the need for the victim to have to undergo rabies prophylaxis.

The owner of the dog heard the news report that the Health Department was looking for the dog and contacted animal control.

According to Gary Hagy with the health department, the¬†woman was scratched by the dog and possibly made contact with the dog’s saliva.

The health department originally told News 3 the animal bit someone, but later said the exposure was not due to a direct bite. However, the health department said a scratch with possible contact with saliva presents the same concern as a bite.

The incident occurred at the Ridgway Bark Park, on Fox Hill Road near E. Mercury Boulevard.