Chesapeake family searching for missing parrot

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Tootsie is a yellow and green sun conure like this one.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. РA Chesapeake family has lost a beloved pet, according to a recent Craigslist ad.

The post says the pet parrot, who goes by the name of Tootsie, was last seen New Year’s Day in the Deep Creek area of Chesapeake, in the Forest Cove and Lindburgh Manor subdivisions. Tootsie is a brightly-colored yellow and green sun conure.

According to the woman who posted the ad, Tootsie was last seen and heard high in the trees but did not fly down when his family spotted him.

Unfortunately, Tootsie’s wings are not clipped, so he could be anywhere. But the family is hoping someone spots him!

The post says sun conures have a loud squawk and do not sound like regular backyard birds. Keep your eyes on your bird feeders as well because parrots will sometimes seek food at feeders when they escape.

If you think you’ve spotted Tootsie, you can reach out to the owners via Craigslist.

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