Newport News Police identify suspect in 31st Street shooting

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Newport News – Search warrants describe a bloody scene inside a 31st Street apartment where 51-year-old Eduardo Amezcua’s body was found.

According to police, 26-year-old Monte Michael Stokes of Hampton shot and killed the church leader inside his apartment on Dec. 20th. Police say they are unable to release Stokes’ picture due to the ongoing investigation, but say he has been been charged with murder, burglary with intent to commit murder in addition to several firearm charges.

According to search warrants, Stokes was found injured outside the apartment where Amezcua was killed. He was taken to the hospital for facial injuries and later arrested.

Inside the apartment, search warrants say police took guns, electronic devices and blood samples. According to police a woman was also inside the home when the shooting occurred, they have not identified her but say she wasn’t hurt.

Newport News Police have not whether or not Stokes and Amezcua knew each other,a motive has also not been released.