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Hurricane Matthew flood victims file lawsuits against Virginia Beach apartment complex

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Attorney Gary Byler says the residents he is representing are tired of waiting after they were displaced from their homes. He says two lawsuits have been filed, but he has another 50 claims in his office.


Waypoint apartment complex in Virginia Beach

Hurricane Matthew caused flooding problems forcing dozens of people from their homes in the Waypoint apartment complex. During clean-up efforts, the apartment complex discovered asbestos.

Byler said residents were not allowed inside their units to get their belongings for weeks. He said they tried negotiate without filing lawsuits but says it's taking too long.

“I understand things are delayed over the holidays but frankly my clients’ holidays is somewhat dampened by the activities at Waypoint,” said Byler. “So, today we files to lawsuits to make sure that the clock started and to insure the negotiations are undertaken in good faith.”

Byler said the complex put the residents in hotels until October 31 but then many residents had nowhere to go.

Waypoint did not respond to News 3’s request for comment.