All felony charges but one dropped against Virginia Del. Rick Morris

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Rick MorrisSUFFOLK, Va. – Virginia Delegate Rick Morris was in court Thursday on charges of abuse.

The Republican from Suffolk was facing seven felonies and seven misdemeanors for a domestic violence case, his attorney said.

The misdemeanors were Noelle prosed and only one of Morris’ felony charges still remains against him.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney can still choose to peruse the misdemeanors at a later date.

Morris’ attorney said the felony charge remaining against him has to do with allegations he hit his 11-year-old step-son with a belt.

In September, Morris was accused of physically assaulting his step-son and his wife Kathryn.

A Suffolk judge banned media from the courtroom on Thursday, saying he would not allow them to cover the case.


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