Keep your kids moving this winter with some fun indoor ideas!

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As the weather gets colder, kids come inside and get less and less active.

A new study from the Medical Research Council says children need more opportunities to get active during winter months.

They say that on average, children's activity levels decline from 65.3 minutes a day in spring and summer months to 47.8 minutes a day in winter and fall.

"It's tempting for children to become less active, snack more, and sink into sedentary pursuits like watching TV or playing video games," says Betsy Williams, of The Little Gym of Virginia Beach. " Ironically, this lack of activity can make children feel lethargic and less inclined to get up and move."

A good start is putting a limit on how much time kids can spend in front of the television or computer screen.

Here are some other ways to make indoor activities a little more fun:

  • Create an obstacle course inside your home. Use pillows, blankets and stools to come up with your own maze.
  • Use interactive video games that require kids to get up and move
  • Check out activities at local parks and museums. They're typically offering free activities during winter months.
  • Visit a mall for a scavenger hunt or a game of "I Spy"
  • Join a community swimming pool or go bowling or roller skating
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