Stolen necklace holding daughter’s ashes returned to Chesapeake family

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(Photo courtesy of the Avila family)

(Photo courtesy of the Avila family)

CHESAPEAKE, Va. – A Chesapeake family’s necklace containing their daughter’s ashes has been returned almost three weeks after it was stolen.

According to the Avila family, Chesapeake Police arrested the thief responsible for stealing an hourglass pendant containing the ashes of the Avilas’ daughter, Katherine, from their truck in November.

The suspect confessed and told police they had the necklace in their possession after they were arrested.

“It’s something that’s very sentimental you know, it’s our daughter, you can’t replace things like that,” Robert Avila said.

The 17-year-old passed away suddenly in August.

“It’s indescribable, she meant everything to us,” he said. “We carry her everywhere we go, every one of us has one except for now me, I don’t have it anymore.”

Robert said he left the pendant in the cup holder of his truck so he could bring it to the jewelry store to get a piece fixed.

His neighbor texted him to say that a part of his Navy uniform was in the street, and he immediately knew something was wrong.

“It’s just so personal you can’t replace it,” said Yvonne Avila, Katherine’s mother.


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