Neighbors in Western Branch say burglaries have to stop

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CHESAPEAKE, Va. - It happened again. This time someone tried to break into a home in the Raleigh Place neighborhood of Western Branch, according to neighbors.

It all happened Monday morning and created a huge buzz on community Facebook pages. "[I'm] extremely worried about it," said Ed Jumper, a neighbor. "It's just too much going on in the Western Branch neighborhoods."

The number of burglaries doubled in November compared to numbers over the summer, according to Chesapeake police. The police chief has increased patrols in the area, and neighbors are hoping it will lead to arrests.

"From what I understand, they aren't happening at nighttime," said Jumper. "They're happening during the daytime. That in it of itself is quite disturbing."

A few hours after Monday's attempted break-in, police chased a stolen SUV along High Street in Portsmouth. Police wouldn't confirm if it was connected to the recent crime, but the SUV matches the description of the one neighbors saw. It was reported stolen from Virginia Beach. One teenager was taken into custody. The others ran.

News 3 has been reporting on the burglaries for weeks, including about how a family's home was ransacked.

There is a Town Meeting on Tuesday at 7 pm at the Western Branch Intermediate School. Several neighbors say they'll be attending to talk about the recent burglaries.