The News 3 Morning team is taking your job!

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The News 3 Morning team is taking a shot at your job!

All week, we’re ditching the anchor desk to try our hands at everything from garbage collection, to joining the Navy and even zoo keeping.

“It reminded me of working with the morning team,” morning anchor Erica Greenway joked of her time at the Virginia Zoo.  “It was loud and messy, but at the end you think they’re kind of cute.”

News 3’s Jessica Larche kicks off the week of work at the famous Mango Mangeaux Bistro in Hampton.

“I can be a bit clumsy,” she said about her run as a waitress.  “I was so focused on not dropping the plates that I nearly lost a hand in a lemon squeeze contraption!  I also tried my best not to eat the food before I delivered it to the table.”

Did Jessica drop the plates?  Did Erica bring back any siamangs from the zoo?  Will Myles make the cut in the Navy?  Can Blaine handle parenting triplets?  How bad did Kristen smell after picking up trash all day?

Tune in all week as we “Take this Job and Love It” on News 3 This Morning, starting at 5 a.m.

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