Suffolk Top Cop honored for DUI arrests and drug busts

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SUFFOLK, Va. - Officer Josie Hall always has an eye out for drunk drivers.

"I do believe 100 percent that someone is always driving intoxicated on the road," said the Suffolk officer.  "It`s just a matter if we catch them before they hurt themselves or hurt someone else."

Her passion to protect has put nearly 30 drunk drivers behind bars.  It's one of many reason's she's the Suffolk Police Department's Top Cop of the year.

"I wish I could bring the rest of my squad members and supervisors with me, because it`s not just an individual thing," she said.

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Last year, she helped bust a car break-in crime spree that helped catch criminals in Suffolk, Newport News and James City County.

"It was a great challenge," she said.  "We were able to return everything to everybody and also bring the suspects to into justice."

She also led another car break-in investigation that led to a marijuana grow operation bust.

"We always canvass a neighborhood, which led us to another vehicle that the offender owned, which was also the victim of a crime," she explained. "That led us to the grow operation."

When it comes to DUI arrests, she's had a little friendly competition with her husband, an Isle of Wight County deputy.  Both received an award from Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Officer Hall said she doesn't do any of this for awards or bragging rights.

"It means I can make a difference in the world," she said.  "I can be that difference.  I can be that change."

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