Donald Trump holds rally in Virginia Beach on Saturday

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of thousands at Regent University on Saturday, saying he believes he can win in the Commonwealth.

"In 17 days, we're going to win the great Commonwealth of Virginia and we're going to win back the White House," Trump said.

Like in previous visits to Hampton Roads, Trump talked about the military. He now says he has a plan to create a 350-ship Navy. "Little Creek and Naval Station Oceana are going to get a lot busier when I become president," he said. "Get ready."

Trump also laid out his plan for his first 100-days in office, including ideas he says would cleanup corruption in Washington, protect American workers, and help restore security. "When it comes to the military, I believe in three very important words: peace through strength," he said.

His supporters say they believe the candidate will win on election day. "I think there are millions of closet Trumpsters," said Andrew Crookston. "When no one's looking, they're going to vote for Trump."

Hillary Clinton supporters attempted to hold a counter news conference before the event, but were asked to leave as the event was on private property.


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