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Summer camps: keeping kids cool in interesting ways

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NORFOLK, Va. - When it comes to summer camp, kids are usually so busy having a good time, they can forget to hydrate.

“You know how it is,” said Sgt. Meryah Breeden, an officer with the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office and a counselor at Sheriff Bob McCabe Foundation’s Summer Youth Camp.

“You’re excited. You’re having fun. Water is not something that you’re thinking [about]. As an adult, we have to remind ourselves, so we have to remind them.”

With heat advisories in place, camp counselors in Norfolk are reminding kids to keep cool in interesting ways.

“This year has been a lot hotter, but we’ve taken all the resources we need to keep the kids cool,” said Deputy Maranda White, also a counselor at McCabe’s camp. “[We’ve got] popsicles, frozen GO-Gurts, the pool, sprinklers, extra water coolers.”

Kids attending McCabe’s camp are not allowed to play in the sun without taking a water break every two innings or every 30 minutes, good advice for any child playing outside in the heat.

Even though it is an outdoor summer camp, if kids do get tired, they can always hang out in an air conditioned room.

“They give us movies to watch if we want to watch one. I’m watching Frozen right now,” said eighth grader Allison Ulrich.

“Last week I was here and I was doing archery, basketball, kickball, all this fun stuff. But for now…I’m in there,” said Madison Crace, a sixth grader, pointing to the air conditioned room.

If you’re sending your kids to summer camp this week, counselors recommend sending them with frozen water bottles if possible. They say a frozen washcloth and plenty of sunscreen is also a good idea.

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