Portsmouth woman diagnosed with ALS crosses skydiving off her bucket list

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SUFFOLK, Va. - Beth Prever is finally able to cross skydiving off her bucket list.

Prever jumped out of an airplane with friends at Skydive Suffolk on Sunday.

For every person who jumped with Prever, Skydive Suffolk provided a $10 discount and a $20 donation to Beth's Brigade. All of the funds will go into a trust for Prever's long term health care needs.

Prever has helped raise nearly $800,000 for ALS research with the JT Walk, an ALS fundraising event. In a strange twist of fate, she was diagnosed with Bulbar ALS in April.

Prever said she currently has good use of her arms and legs, but doctors cannot say how long it could be before she loses mobility.


Beth’s bucket list: ALS advocate now diagnosed with deadly disease

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