Hampton Roads windsurfing club is a hidden gem

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Fort Monroe, Va. - Right inside Fort Monroe is one of Hampton Roads best kept secrets; The Windsurfing Enthusiasts of Tidewater (WET). The club started in the 80's and has over 30 members.

It might seem difficult (it is) at first, but those who keep at it, see results fast. "I wasn't the quick learner, I didn't learn instantaneously, but I found the learning process to be fun," says instructor Yvette Pearson.

Windsurfers from 18 years old to 70 have found that it's not about your strength, it's about your technique. "I actually think this is a bit of an old persons sport, because it's pretty easy on the body. The worst thing that can happen, is you fall in the water," says club president Dave Trumpoldt.

In three hours, WET will teach you the basics of windsurfing and the structure of the board and sail. More importantly, it's what they call "the perfect Saturday."

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