Former police officer takes action to save partner’s life

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - A man who once fought to keep drugs and criminal off the streets has been fighting a battle tougher than he has ever faced before.

However, his former partner in the police department and friend is taking action to save his life.

The past several years have been brutal for Michael Felts.

Michael and Rock

Michael and Rock

The Virginia Beach Police Department sent out information in December to help Felts find a new kidney.

Years ago, he was diagnosed with Lupus and found himself in desperate need of a new kidney, but recently things are starting to look up.

The retired Virginia Beach Police officer recently found out he’s got a match for a new kidney from Rock Eason.

Eason is his former partner in the Virginia Beach Police Department and a good friend that he’s known for over 25 years.

"He  ran a lot of marathons, maybe I'll be able to run a marathon when I get this thing working," Felts said.

Michael’s wife, Joy, called the match a miracle.

"He such a giving person," said Joy Felts.

The two former officers worked together for years teaching new recruits in the academy.

Eason said, "[Felts] was in tiptop shape. He was a monster in the gym.  To see him to go from that to being sick as he was, it was tough. It was tough on so many people who were close to him because we knew what his lifestyle was."

Michael’s been giving himself dialysis in his home four days a week.

Rock said Michael’s determination despite his illness has been an inspiration to many.

"A lot of my friends would say I'm having a bad day.  We think of Mike and our day's not bad at all," said Eason.

The surgery is expected to happen in July.

Michael’s family is grateful to Rock and everyone else who showed them support.

Felts is thankful for a new shot at life and thankful for his longtime friend and partner who has always had his back.

"[He] gave me life again.  I can't say how thankful I am," said Felts.

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