Behind the scenes of NCIS: New Orleans

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NCIS: New Orleans is one of the hottest series on TV.

When the show chose New Orleans to be their home, they started building their empire right away.

There are multiple sets on a sound stage in New Orleans. Everything on the set looks legit, but some things on the set are just for show.

So why does NCIS build a world inside a building? Why not just use something already up and working?

"There's so many technical marvels that they are able to achieve on set. One of which is as you can see right now looks like daytime. But what if we needed to be nighttime? Now it's time to be night time. Might have to get a cup of coffee. You can do one scene in the morning and a scene that takes place at night."

The reason why the show and the characters seem realistic is because the show has their own real NCIS agent.

"My job is to basically read all the paper work that comes out from the one page concept all the way through the scripts and keep it within the parameters of law enforcement to make it as realistic as possible."

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