21 homicides reported in Norfolk, nearing total number for 2015

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NORFOLK, Va.  - Jalil Skinner was shot and killed on West 28th Street Tuesday night in Norfolk. His death marks the 21st homicide in the city so far this year.

In 2015, the city reported a total of 33 homicides. With 2016 less than halfway over, Norfolk is looking at breaking last year's number within the next few months. But the department has plans to take action and stop the homicide numbers from rising.

"Our chief wants the community to know we hear you we understand its alarming that these shootings are going on," said Officer Daniel Hudson.

According to Hudson, Norfolk Police Chief Michael Goldsmith has plans to build relationships with community members and plans to increase patrols.

"The chief has started a new initiative and what it is is officers getting out of their patrol vehicles and just stopping to talk to people. Not the people who they think are suspicious, although we want them to, but the people who live in the community as well. The mom and pops of the community," explained Hudson.

But these relationships take time to build and trust won't form overnight.

"We need the community’s help. So this part of building that relationship and getting out of our patrol cars and showing the human side of law enforcement and showing that we care about our communities is what the chief’s initiative is right now."

With the community on their side, Norfolk Police say they believe they will be able to stop the crime numbers from rising.

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