Virginia Beach girl gets call from Demi Lovato after being devastated concert was canceled

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - A young girl received a call from Demi Lovato herself over the weekend.

After Newschannel 3 spoke with Isabella Miklos and her mom Kristina about how devastated Isabella was when she discovered Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas canceled their Virginia Beach stop on their summer tour, the famous singer wanted to make the situation better.

Kristina said over the weekend, she received a message from Demi Lovato's manager asking if Demi could call Isabella.

"Hi, is this Bella? My name is Demi," said the famous singer during the call Saturday.

In the video recording, you can see Bella's face immediately light up. She was in awe.

Lovato told Bella she saw how happy Bella was when she received the tickets for Christmas and heard about how hard she had to work to get good grades.

To make the situation better, Lovato said she wanted to fly Bella out to another concert and "make her feel like a queen."

Lovato also said Nick Jonas would be there too.

After handing the phone back to her mom, Bella put her hand on her heart and smiled ear to ear.