Newport News Detective receives Top Cop Award, NNPD Humanitarian Award

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NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – Newport News Police Master Police Detective James Huling recently received several awards for his service.

Detective Huling was awarded an Honorable Mention during the National Association of Police Organizations’ Top Cop Awards on May 14 in Washington, D.C. The recognition was given in honor of a case he had worked.

Detective Huling also recently received a Humanitarian Award from the Newport News Police Department during a ceremony on May 5.

Newport News Police wrote the following about what led to Detective Huling’s award:

On January 21, 2015, Detective Huling learned of a young man named Carlos Geller who was unable to fulfill his dream of becoming a Marine or canine handler due to being diagnosed with cancer.

Detective Huling visited with Carlos on several occasions in Richmond where he was hospitalized. During those visits, he worked with the Virginia Police Work Dog Association to have Carlos certified as an honorary canine handler.

Additionally, Detective Huling allowed Carlos to work with his K-9 partner “Trigger” as a certified handler. Detective Huling arranged for several members of the Marine Corps to spend time with Carlos in the hospital. This fulfilled Carlos’ dreams to the fullest extent possible before his passing.

After Carlos passed away, Detective Huling arranged for the Richmond Police Department to escort him from the hospital and he also made sure there were canine honors at his funeral. It is something Carlos’s family will never forget.

In addition, Detective Huling raised $1,200 to provide needed surgery for a dog that had been abused and had a broken leg. He took the dog for emergency care, arranged for surgery, provided foster care for the dog during recovery. He also conducted a toy drive and raised 250 toys for the animal shelter.

Detective Huling also conducted an awareness operation, which resulted in 30 dogs being adopted in August 2015 and has appeared on NewsChannel 3 twice for shelter adoption awareness.

Whether it is making life better for someone with two legs or four, Master Police Detective James Huling shows what making a difference is all about. Thank you.