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Jeff Probst: Beyond Survivor

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Jeff Probst has been hosting Survivor since the show’s first season debuted in May 2000. Now, 16 years and 33 seasons of Survivor later, 54-year-old Probst has become a household name.

Probst, who was born in Wichita, Kansas, had been passed up for other TV hosting jobs before he landed his spot on Survivor from show creator Mark Burnett.

For his work on Survivor, Probst has won four Emmy Awards for Outstanding Reality Host but his interests and accomplishments go far beyond hosting reality TV.

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Probst is the New York Times best-selling author of STRANDED, an adventure book series geared toward middle schoolers.

In 2002, Probst wrote and directed the feature film Finder’s Fee, starring Ryan Reynolds, James Earl Jones, Robert Forster and Matthew Lillard.

Probst also produced and directed the film Kiss Me, starring John Corbett, Sarah Bolger, Rita Wilson, Emily Osment, Missy Pyle and Jenna Fisher.

Probst’s other hosting gigs have included the Howard Stern Celebrity Fan Roundtable on Sirius/XM radio, VH1’s Rock and Roll Jeopardy and several programs for FX.

In 2001, Probst was voted one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful.

Probst is also a spokesperson for, whose mission is to re-gift life through organ donation.

Probst now lives with his family in Los Angeles and is an ordained minister, having served as the officiant at the weddings of several friends.

Hear more about his life in this 2013 interview for the Archive of American Television.


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