Parents fear kids will get hurt by impatient drivers in Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach, Va. - Parents in Virginia Beach are concerned about the safety of their children while boarding school buses on Dam Neck Road.

They fear their kids are going to get run over by drivers who aren’t stopping for school buses.

Michelle Singleton said she saw seven cars pass her child's school bus as it was stopping Thursday morning.

Singleton said watching her 9-year-old daughter get on and off the bus is horrible.

"It's anxiety at its highest and it's so frustrating," Singleton said.

Other parents like Christine Ferry agree.

"It's like a drag race," Ferry said, "somebody is going to get hurt."

Singleton said her mailbox has been hit twice and once saw someone hit the stop sign on a school bus.

"It was a big white four-door pick-up truck that passed the school bus, took the stop sign right off the bus and just kept going," she said.

Virginia Beach Police say drivers need to stop when the lights on the bus are red and when lights on the bus are yellow, drivers need to slow down in anticipation of the bus stopping.

Police say planned patrols are in place for the area and have been for some time.

"Somebody's going to come up and rear end that the bus and those kids are going to get hurt. I don't want to be my kid, I don't want to be anybody's child," said Ferry.

Singleton said she was told police will be looking for violators on Monday.

The school district says they always want drivers to use extreme caution around school buses.