Virginia Beach neighbors battle in court over American flag’s placement

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flagVIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Two neighbors are heading to court over the placement of an American flag.

John Parmele is being charged with destruction of property, trespassing and petty larceny for removing Michael Anderson's flag from his mailbox on Yawl Point.

"He`s very defiant," Parmele said. "Very disrespectful. Dishonoring the flag and all the veterans who fought, died, and served under the flag."

Parmele says Anderson is violating a federal code because Anderson's flag isn't lit up at night.

"I  told him from the start, please correct the situation," Parmele said.

Anderson, who was not available for comment, accuses Parmele of cutting the flag down in a criminal complaint.

Parmele wouldn't say whether or not he removed the flag because he plans to plead not guilty in court.

But, according to court documents,  Anderson says he has photos showing Parmele cutting the flag down from its pole.

Parmele will go before a judge on Monday.

He says no matter what happens next, he's washed his hands with the situation.