Norfolk reaches deal with Uber

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The logo for the ride sharing service Uber, stylized on a gray background.

Norfolk, Va. – If you need a ride to the airport, another option is now on the table.

Uber has just reached a deal with the Norfolk International Airport has now been welcomed as an authorized transportation Network Company.

Last year, Uber was banned from the Airport until the two reached an agreement.

They said that Uber was always welcome there, but they had to sign the same agreement and pay the same fees as Lyft, another transportation app.

It is a new Virginia State law that Transportation Network Companies have agreements with airports where they pick up and drop off passengers.

Lyft pays a $10,000 security deposit, a $5,000 annual fee and a $2.00 charge for each drop off and pick up.

“While we believe the pickup and drop off fees are still too high, the compromise with the Airport Authority will enable our partners to resume providing safe, reliable rides to residents and visitors of the Norfolk area.” — Annaliese Rosenthal, General Manager, Uber Virginia.

Norfolk airport authority discusses agreement with Uber