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Norfolk airport might shorten lost and found times

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Norfolk, Va. - The Norfolk airport's lost and found office proves this: If you can travel with it, you can lose it. Ipods, laptops, headphones, even pool cues end up misplaced or just left behind.

Airport workers try to find the owners, but that's not always easy.

Eventually, the lost loot is unloaded at auction. But now that could happen a lot faster.

The Norfolk City Council is set to vote on an ordinance that would slash the time the airport must hold on to travelers' misplaced items before sending them to auction. The ordinance is part of the council's Tuesday agenda.

Now, the airport has to keep the lost and found items for six months, in hopes that an owner shows up.

If the city council agrees, the airport will only have to store it two months, before sending it to the highest bidder.

So if you think you lost something important on your last trip but didn't feel any urgency to go check, you might want to schedule a search a little sooner.

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