New mental health screening tool unveiled in Dare County

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Dare County, NC (WTKR) - A new mental-health screening tool was unveiled in Dare County Tuesday.

The screening kiosk right now is housed at the Dare County Department of Public Health in Manteo.

Access Point kiosk

Access Point kiosk (Todd Corillo)

The Access Point Screening Program kiosk from Trillium, the behavioral health management authority for Eastern North Carolina, is one of only two in the state will provide people with access to anonymous evidence-based screenings for mental health and substance abuse issues.

The program is provides immediate results and connect users to resources, including treatment recommendations, local referrals and educational materials. Users may use the screenings for personal assessment, or as a tool to assess and access resources on behalf of someone else.

"Identifying that you have a problem is the key. People are not going to seek assistance until they can accept that they have a problem," Debbie Dutton, Clinical Nursing Director for the Dare County Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Division told NewsChannel 3's Todd Corillo Wednesday.

Trillium Project Coordinator Bobbie Lowe added, "It will help people to start conversations a little bit earlier so that they are getting treatment as a preventive measure as opposed to being in a crisis."

The screenings are also available online: Click here to visit Access Point

Learn more about Trillium Health Resources here.