Norfolk Marine takes action, chases thief he caught breaking into car

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Norfolk, Va -- “Being in the military, he was just telling me it was his first instinct,” says Danielle Stevenson.

Danielle says her husband, Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Jesse Stevenson, did not hesitate. She says a few weeks ago he took action, chasing down a teen he saw breaking into their car.

It happened outside the Stevenson’s in the Village at Whitehurst Farm in Norfolk -- a Lincoln Military Housing community.

Danielle says they got home late that night, and her husband was helping get the kids in the house.

“I was getting situated with the kids and my husband actually went out within seconds after we opened the door,” she says.

Seconds later, she says her husband saw three teens around their car, one of the boys inside rummaging through the glove compartment.

“My husband was actually in flip-flops and I thought that was pretty funny because he was in flip-flops chasing this kid down the street and caught him,” Danielle says.

Even in sandals, her husband took action. Danielle says he found their kindle, an iPod and stolen car keys on the teen.

Police say the thief is only 15 and may have been involved in other recent car break-ins.

Though worry was her first instinct, Danielle now says she's pretty proud.

“I’m just kind of blown away that he actually caught him,” she says. “I think it`s amazing.”

An amazing Marine that not only took action, but got results.

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