Investigation into shooting death of William Chapman now complete

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UPDATE:  On Monday, the Commonwealth of Virginia Announced that the investigation into William Chapman's shooting death is now complete. 

They say a review is now in progress. 

They've received a report from the Virginia State Police along with the results of investigative work requested by the Commonwealth's Attorney. They've also received the report from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. 

Portsmouth, Va. - State police preliminary investigations into both the Portsmouth police shooting deaths of 29-year-old Walter Brown and 18-year-old William Chapman are finished, but Commonwealth's Attorney Stephanie Morales would not divulge any new details.

“I understand that people would like to know these things, but I have to be very clear that nothing can impede these investigations,” Morales says.

Morales offered NewsChannel 3 an exclusive interview to talk about the two shootings, but told us she only wanted to squash rumors that the reports were complete.

“The investigation will be complete when I receive everything I need for my analysis,” she says.

While Morales says the initial reports are wrapped up in both cases, she's asked state police to investigate further -- but what exactly, she wouldn't say.

Can you just be a little bit more specific?" asked NewsChannel 3's Marissa Jasek.

“No, I won`t,” Morales responded.

In March, police shot and killed Brown inside his home on Colin Drive south. Chief Ed Hargis told us it started as a drug investigation that led to a chase. He says police used a stun gun twice on Brown then shot him when they say he pulled out a handgun.

But to this day, we have never seen that gun.

Then, in April, an officer shot and killed Chapman in the Walmart parking lot on Frederick Boulevard. Police still haven't said if Chapman even had a weapon.

All the while, other agencies are have been much more transparent.

In Newport News, police there provided a photo of the sawed-off shotgun they say was found on Kawanza Beaty, who was fatally shot by an officer over the weekend.

Last month, the York Poquoson Sheriff's Office showed reporters the deputy's body camera footage from a shooting death there.

So why, after all this time, are Portsmouth officials not giving us any new update?

“The way that Newport News or York Poquoson chose to run their investigation or what they feel is important or will or will not impede their investigation is entirely up to them,” Morales says.

In the end, Morales says all the facts will come out and she will determine if the officers were justified in their use of force.

But just when will that be?

“I`m hoping it will be soon, finished as quickly as possible, however again that is something that is out of my control,” she says.


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  • mark pen

    While Morales says the initial reports are wrapped up in both cases, she’s asked state police to investigate further — but what exactly, she wouldn’t say.
    I see a sympathetic towards the victims CA whom is going after her police officers, just like the Baltimore CA. It’s their time, it’s our time is their Mantra now, their battle cry so to speak. Watch out P-Town, you’ll not be able to recruit officers in the future if this continues. Then what?

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