Man poses as armored truck driver, steals $75k from Wal-Mart

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BRISTOW, Okla. – Authorities say a man walked into a Wal-Mart, claimed to be an armored truck driver and convinced store employees to give him $75,000. reported that it happened at a Wal-Mart in Bristow, Okla. on Saturday after the man entered the store claiming to be there for a cash deposit.

The suspect was apparently disguised as an armored truck driver with a bullet proof vest and a gun.

Police said the real Loomis truck came to make a scheduled pick up about 30 minutes later, and that’s when employees realized their error.

The suspect is said to have walked off with more than $75,000 in cash. He’s said to be driving a newer model black Chevrolet Malibu.

Federal authorities are reportedly involved in the case because of the massive size of the theft. The investigation is ongoing.


    • Surely

      At least they do something other than troll and post on every other news story posted online. What ever will you do when they turn the comment section off? Go outside and get away from the keyboard.

    • vbmom

      Not True!!!!!! I know a few people working there who are probably brighter than you. They just need a little supplement added to their income, like most people. Don’t insult all Walmart employees because you may have run into a few.

  • Dale

    Hey Walmart, how are your “favored” customers working out for you these days. Pulled the Confederate flag and look how they repay you. 50 raid a Walmart in SC, 300 raid a Walmart in Florida and now this clown walks off with $75k. And by the way, I no longer shop there. Waving my Rebel flag at ya. LOL

  • Darren

    This is definitely one of the stranger robbery stories I have come across. It’s kind of amazing what you can convince people of with the right look and lingo. I don’t fully blame the employees as this mistake could probably happen to many other stores given the right circumstances.

  • Danny Details

    Don’t the employees at Wal-Mart see the same drivers all the time? It seems like they would get suspicious when they don’t see the usual person, in the usual uniform, at the usual time, with some sort of paperwork or identification. I can’t blame the crook on this one. This guy came up with one hell of a scam and got away with it. I blame the employees who were stupid enough to fall for it. Funny thing is, this guy will probably spend the money at another Wal-Mart.

    • Nan Talbert

      No, it’s not the same employee every time. They switch it up occasionally. People go on vacation, get sick, etc…Also, they are usually not in there but a minute or two to get the deposit and then back out the door.

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