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Wesley Hadsell’s mother on son’s arrest, AJ’s death: ‘We are a family that has imploded’

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Norfolk, Va. - Tried and found guilty in the eyes of the public. That's what Wesley Hadsell's mother says about her son as he sits in jail.

Katherine Hadsell says he has nothing to do with the death of his daughter Anjelica “AJ” Hadsell. She died of acute heroin poisoning, however her manner of death is undetermined.

“The only way you can pretty much describe it is a living hell,” Katherine Hadsell says.

For the first time, Katherine is talking about the hell she says she's lived since her granddaughter died and her son was put in jail.

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“It`s been very hard,” she says. “When she was missing and then when we found out she was dead. I can`t explain how that felt.”

What's made it harder, she says, is her family has been torn apart. Katherine says she's no longer allowed to visit her other grandchildren.

“How can any grandmother suddenly not have grandkids,” she asks.

Katherine says it all stems from when her son and AJ's adoptive father, Wesley Hadsell, was arrested.

Wesley has been in jail since March for obstructing the investigation in AJ's case. He has not been granted bond.

“The public, a lot of them have already tried him and found him guilty and they have no information to go on,” she says. “There is no information. “He`s not been charged, he hasn`t even been stated as a person of interest.”

NewsChannel 3 sat down with Wesley in jail. In the exclusive two-hour interview, he admitted he was working in Southampton County the day after his daughter disappeared. Police found AJ's body in Southampton County behind an abandoned home in April more than a month after she was reported missing.

NewsChannel 3 asked him about it.

“So if they were to track your GPS would they find that you were near that home?”

“No. I gave them my phone voluntarily, too so I don`t know where that home was in relation to where I worked. I have no clue on that. I worked in Franklin County in the township. I don`t know where the home is in relation to where I worked at," says Wesley.

“When you look back on things, hindsight I can`t explain it,” Katherine Hadsell says. “He didn`t choose where he worked. He was given assignments. So what was he supposed to do when he was given that assignment that morning?”

Every morning since AJ vanished, Katherine says she wakes up to that hellish loss of a granddaughter.

“She will always be with me and she`ll always have a smile on her face. And that`s something no one can take away from me.”


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  • Best on WTKR

    You can’t make this stuff up. These hillbillies can’t wait to get in front of a camera and start spinning. This is way better than any reality show ever. I can’t wait to see who will show up next.

  • Robert

    Well .. it will be very interesting to find out where he worked at the days leading up to her death .. and where his cell phone pinged . And his mother is in no way her grandmother .. I would say just because your son married a woman 4years ago and adopted her kids doesnt make her their grandmother and why would she be torn up with him being In jail ..? She should be used to that by now .. I mean come on .. robbing a bank .. kidnapping .. hard time in prison .. he is truly trouble .. tattoo on his eye lids say ” game over ” I think that says alot right there .. everything is a game to him .. by the way … he obviously doesnt have access to a powerful counsel .. because there is no lawyer in the world that would agree or recommend his client to give a 2 hour interview with reporters .. and he has done that 2 or 3 times that I know of .. thats something a narcissistic person would do .. a narcissistic sociopath that is ..

  • Chris

    What I think happened is that he had a crush on her and either jabbed her with heroin to knock her out or talked her into doing it. Then she OD’d and he hid the body.

    He’d made some previous comments about how “someone probably loved her too much,” or something to that effect. It was almost like he wanted to confess but couldn’t bring himself to do it. And I agree with the commenter Robert: No lawyer, not even a public pretender, would recommend an interview like this.

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