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Pictures of strangers on stolen iPhone pop up on owner’s iCloud

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UPDATE: A teenager is now in custody in relation to this theft. 

Virginia Beach, Va. -  Nearly 40 pictures, 3 videos and several selfies of strangers popped up on stolen iPhone, an iPhone Joe Harris says was taken right out of his car last month.

"They took some change, took some Christmas presents, took my old iPhone along with the car charger and that's when I realized my car was broken into," Harris said.

Harris thought his phone was gone forever and decided it wasn't worth calling police over. That was until last night.

"Last night we were going through our phone, my kids saw some old pictures on there that had appeared to be taken on May 30th and May 31st," Harris said.

His iPhone was stolen and Harris' kids were able to see them on his new iPhone and iPad because they are still lurking in the iCloud. The iCloud is a feature on iPhones which syncs all your devices.

"I was very surprised that they didn't realize it. Actually I didn't realize that the iPhone was synced up," Harris said. "I was shocked to see that they had taken 30 something selfies of themselves."

Now Harris believes those selfies could be self-incriminating. However, he doesn't know and we don't know if the pictures he found show the person who took the phone, but Harris thinks it could be the clue to help solve the crime.

"It's not the right thing to do," Harris said. "I just hope someone recognized them."


  • ethel

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  • Don

    All the criminals need to do is tell the cops he bought it on Craigslist and they will let him go. That’s what the Virginia Beach police did when I handed them the low life who was in possession of my stolen items from my car. I gave them a name, an address, and eBay transaction records. The detective called me to tell me the kid says he bought the items off Craiglist and resold them on eBay. I asked the detective how it was possible for an item to be stolen and then less than 24 hours later, be listed on Craigslist, bought, and then relished on eBay? The person had a huge list on eBay of electronic items that were missing things like power cords and game controllers, all meeting the M.O. of stolen goods. I still can’t figure out how my items were stolen in the middle of the night in Virginia Beach and listed for sale on eBay from an address out of Suffolk in the morning.

    • George

      If the police won’t do anything, it’s up to you to take matters into your own hands. That’s what I live by.

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  • Andrew

    You can pause and app called “Find my iPhone” it will basically track and locate your stolen iPhone

  • JFang

    you can look at the geo location on the image and can identify the location where these pics were taken.

  • Lauryn Escobar

    Pictures of the minors should not be published. News channel 3, you know better. It’s entirely possible an adult stole it and gave it to the kid.

    • Lauren

      He’s smokin a blunt in one picture. Who says he’s a minor? Atleast he thinks he’s a big boy. If he wants to act like an adult he can get treated like one.

  • Lauryn Escobar

    If you’re synced, you may be able to push the Find My iPhone app to your phone from the iTunes store and then find your phone using the app.

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