Third person arrested in death of one-year-old boy in attempted robbery

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Portsmouth, Va. - A one-year-old boy has died following a shooting that occurred during an attempted robbery Saturday night in Portsmouth, according to Portsmouth Police.

Three people have since been arrested in connection.

Police received a call at 9:28 PM that a male and female had been shot in the 1500 block of Maple Avenue.

"My daughter called me and said that my grandson had gotten shot in the face, so I immediately came here, and they didn't know who it was," says Tonia Hayes. "It was unwarranted they just burst into the house."

Officers arrived and found the one-year-old child, Dion Loften, Jr., suffering from a gunshot wound to the head and the adult female suffering from a gunshot wound to the lower back. Both were taken to the hospital where Loften later died. The female victim suffered serious injuries, but is expected to survive.

"We sat outside on the corner all night long waiting to get back in. I had to go clean my grandson's blood up," says Hayes. "It's like, did this really happen?"

Portsmouth Detectives first said they had charged 18 year-old Anthony D. Holley and 18 year-old Jerry Atkinson, both of Portsmouth, with first degree murder, aggravated malicious wounding, attempted robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony for their involvement with the case.

A third person was later arrested in this case.

Marquis D. Hinton, 18,  turned himself in after he found out detectives were looking for him. He has also been charged with 1st degree murder, aggravated assault, attempted robbery, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Hayes says her daughter, who was at the home when her son and friend got shot, does not know the suspects.

“They just started shooting and the bullet went through the door through my grandson and out the back wall,” said Hayes.

Holley and Atkinson went in front of a judge Monday and the victim's family members were also in court.

"Just to see the people who did that to my grandson, that was very painful because I'm never going to get my baby back,” said Hayes.

An arrest warrant gave insight into what happened Saturday night on Maple Avenue. It states there was a knock at the door and a man wanted to buy marijuana. That's when the men entered the house asking where the money was according to the documents.

It states a woman ran to a back bedroom and shut the door which is when the warrant states the suspects starting firing shots.

Police said a 25-year-old woman was also shot and expected to be okay. The baby died at the hospital later that night.

Sarah Sutton was shot in the lower back during the shooting and was rushed to Sentara Norfolk.
"There was so much blood," said Sutton.
Sutton said there was blood everywhere after she was shot Saturday night as her fiancés struggled to call 911.
"His phone was so bloody it kept slipping out of his hand," said Sutton.
Sutton said she ran into a back bedroom when she saw men with guns enter her home on Maple Ave.
She just move in 4 weeks ago.
She said she was trying to protect several young children.
Now she mourns the loss of her best friend's baby.
"I was very close to her son.  I used to babysit him for her," said Sutton.  "It hurts me to see my best friend go through what she is going through right now."
Sarah said she's grateful to alive and not paralyzed.  She said the bullet went through her lower back and into her uterus.
But now wants justice for the one year old who didn't get a chance at life.

Now this family mourns. There is a memorial set up in front of the house.

The family wants justice for the little boy who they say was just learning to talk.

Police would not say if they are looking for additional suspects in the shooting, but they do say the investigation is ongoing.

"I don't know why they did it, there was no reason, there was no explanation for it, I don't know why but there needs to be justice for my one-year-old grandson," says Hayes. " He was so energetic, he was a happy baby, he was a beautiful baby."


  • Noog

    Black on black crime. Just like Chicago, but no one talks about that because black people think they’re all victims. Pffffffttttt.

  • ethel


    Do not waste my money giving them a court trial.

    • Andanotherthing

      A one year old gets shot and YOU have to toss out your usual trolling comment. Shoot, EDD, even I thought you had just a little more class than that. Guess I was mistaken…..

  • ethel

    Holley…I don’t suppose this is any relative of the late, former mayor holley, right? Just thinkin’…

  • Bob D

    This one I don’t understand. Was it a revenge killing? For some reason mayor’s offices think “gang” is a dirty word and despise using it.

  • mark pen

    This is so everyday. RIP little Dion, you didn’t deserve to die like a street criminal. It looks like Black Lives Matter is only a slogan in the black community. Actions speak louder than words people.

  • Needle for both

    For all of you that think that the other prisoners will “take care” of these two, just watch what happens. They will be protected by their fellow gang members while in jail. No harm will come to them. We must be strong enough to administer justice as citizens, through tough sentencing, on our own. Demand the death penalty for these two losers.

  • ethel

    They bring their disruptive, loud, intimidating, criminal behavior with them when their section 8 allows them to move into nicer neighborhoods and then they SPREAD that behavior.

  • ethel

    These two cretins should have to look at the pictures of this baby for the rest of their sorry lives.

    On another note, in one pic it appears plastic is still on a lampshade. Oh PLEASE remove it. It’s a fire hazard!

  • Coop

    Disgusting. Where are all of the angry black people right now? I don’t see anyone missing work parading in the streets today like they’ve done for countless others. I’m am beyond sick of the hypocrisy. All lives matter. This little boy probably just learned to walk and had his life taken for no reason. He wasn’t in an altercation. He didn’t just rob a store clerk. He had no criminal record. He was an innocent, defenseless BABY.. And yet his life being stolen is less important? Next time gear your hate signs towards one another and take your own advice!

  • Deborah

    Where is the outrage? Is it because he was a “Black” baby. Black people, why won’t you speak out now? This was an innocent old year boy, one who could not harm anyone, yet two punks took his life over drugs. When will you wake up and learn that we are our own worst enemies. I am so sad because I have a young great-grand-daughter and I would be devastated if something like this happened to her. It is past time for blacks to speak out about crime in the neighborhood stop acting like you do not know what is going on. My prayers are with the family and I hope that these punks will be put to death.

  • cami

    I think it’s very disgusting that all your comments center around race, yet you holler the African American community is the first to use that line. Least we not forget an innocent child lost his life, through no fault of his own. The media shows you only what they want you to see. You only comment on this. Where were your comments when those trashy women were fighting in Walmart and one allowed her child to kick an adult?Or the woman that helped 2 MURDERERS get out of prison? The media shows you what they want you to see. Thank you for furthermore showing your ignorance.

      • ethel

        Cami, garbage comes in all colors.

        And now there’s a THIRD 18 year old arrested for this baby’s death. A total waste all the way around here with the cretin decisions and actions of these three.

    • Eye on the prize

      Cami- stop worrying about perceived racism on a web site comment page. Take back you community. Racism didn’t kill that little boy.

    • mark pen

      I think you’re very disgusting concentrating only on race too. Like you won’t call out your own for doing heinous acts like these. You Scared? I think you are. Time to get over that & take your neighbor-HOOD back. & BTW, we call out our idiots, shun them if necessary, kick their sorry butts out of our houses if we see this kind of behavior. GOT IT!!!!

  • Charlie

    Hey WTKR why don’t you ask why the NAACP isn’t speaking out about this? Black lives only matter if it’s white cops?

    • Andanotherthing

      Simple, just like Sharpton. This story won’t garner all the extra publicity that groups such as this crave. It’s all about getting their names on the front pages making it appear that they “care”. But we all know exactly what it’s REALLY about…..

      • ethel

        Yeah..and where’s that local march/protest organizer, michael mohammed-whatever his name is?

        Only when there’s an agenda, right?

  • Timmy_Buttt_PPhUCKED_by_Susan

    I’m sick of those people. I wish my ancestors had picked their own cotton.

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