Man bitten by shark in Outer Banks while trying to get others to safety

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Avon, N.C. - A man was bitten by a shark off of Avon, North Carolina on Friday while trying to encourage several other people to get out of the water.

The National Park Service received a report from the Dare County Sheriff's Office around 11: 41 a.m. that a person had been apparently bitten by a shark approximately one mile north of the Avon Fishing Pier.

The victim, a 47-year-old man, was in the water with three children and another adult when he allegedly spotted the shark and yelled "Shark!" The victim was able to get the other four people out of the water before he was attacked.

The man received injuries to his right leg and back. It is believed that his injuries are non-life threatening.

Hatteras Island Rescue Squad paramedics and NPS Rangers responded to the scene. The man was treated at the scene before being transported via ambulance and helicopter to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

Red flags are up in the area to warn people to stay out of the water.

The attack is the fifth off the North Carolina coast this month.

On Wednesday, an 8-year-old boy suffered what appeared to be a shark bite. Police said the wounds were superficial and the injuries were minor.

On June 14, a 12-year-old girl from Archdale and a 16-year-old boy from Colorado both lost their arms in shark attacks at Oak Island.

A 13-year-old girl was bitten while boogie boarding off Ocean Isle Beach on June 11.

In that incident, the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries, but the shark took bites of her boogie board.


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  • sharks love tourist

    This is an excellent opportunity for all you Yankee tourist to leave the island and consider other vacation locales for next year.

  • Large Farva

    I love how stupid people some people are. Sharks have forever and will continue to live in the ocean. We don’t need to find a shark and kill it just because it was trying to survive. That is a knee jerk reaction that this kindergarten country love to make. Mankind will truly be the downfall of the earth.

  • TammyD

    Your not supposed to swim anywhere near a fishing pier , but people don’t heed the warnings ……

  • BigBoy

    NEWSFLASH…NEWSFLASH…NEWSFLASH!!! Sharks live in the ocean. Stay out of the water!!
    Chief Brody, Amityville Police Dept. 1973 (Jaws) :-)

  • Karen

    I admittedly know very little about the movement of sharks. But it seems clear to me that something is happening right now that is causing sharks to either come closer to shore to search for food, or if they are already normally there, to become more aggressive toward humans in THEIR water. Here’s a thought. Stay out if the ocean. At least for the time being.
    I can’t feel too bad for someone who went into the water where the beach is clearly marked that sharks are active in the area.

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