Medical Examiner: AJ Hadsell died from “Acute Heroin Poisoning”

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Norfolk, Va. - The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has announced that the cause of death in the Anjelica "AJ" Hadsell case is "Acute Heroin Poisoning."

The manner of death is undetermined.

The Norfolk Police Department is still investigating the case.

AJ disappeared from her home in the Tarrallton area of Norfolk on March 2 while she was home for Spring Break from Longwood University.

Her remains were discovered April 9th behind a vacant home in Southampton County.


  • Straight Daddy Issues

    Wow, everybody was feeling so sorry for her and she was nothing but a drug-addicted junkie. Ran off with a guy because he had drugs.

  • Questions

    Idk..something seems fishy about this..who was with her? Who brought (and left her) there? I suspect there is more to this story. ..

    • thinkaboutit

      Yes I agree. This girl was a A student , and a outstanding young lady. I will give her the benifit of the doubt until until it is proven otherwise. The step dad is a convicted criminal and known cociane and heroine user. I will not give him the benifit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

      • Neal Shlonson

        Grades mean nothing. It’s incredibly dumbed down, so everybody “wins” in the little tee-ball generation. Worthless – most fail out of “college” in the first year, because all they know how to do is cheat in the first place. And do their drugs.

        • Brittany

          If you are on heroin you aren’t going to make A’s I’m college. My guess is you never went or went to community college where they hold your hand.

  • CryMea River

    Acute is just a nice way to say overdose. Somebody was getting high with her, they should just come forward and tell the truth.

  • Brittany

    She undeniably had a stalker. Goes missing after stating she is afraid. You are her kidnapper and don’t want to be caught. So what do you do? Inject her with heroin to make it look like she overdosed. It’s okay though. If I’m right and the police find that out, all of you who are stupidly thinking it still isn’t a tragedy either way will be the same ones asking for prayers for her.

  • so sad

    I’m sure she use drugs, died, and then put herself behind a house.. whether she did it to herself or not someone still put her or left her behind that house.

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