SWAT team arrests wanted man in Virginia Beach

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Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Smith

Virginia Beach, Va. – A man wanted on multiple charges was arrested by a police SWAT team Tuesday night after he refused to come out of a home.

The incident began around 11:17pm in the 3800 block of Chancery Lane when officers attempted to find and arrest Nicholas Smith on multiple arrest warrants.

Smith refused to leave the home, and after attempts to negotiate with him failed police obtained a search warrant that was executed by the SWAT team.

Smith was taken into custody without further incident and was arrested on outstanding warrants for  felony probation, violation/revocation of suspended sentence, felony assault on a law enforcement officer, felony hit & run, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, felony eluding, and fraud.

Further charges are pending from Tuesday’s incident.


  • Go Tides!

    “Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do when they come for you?” Oh right, hide and refuse to come out like a little girl! What a sissy. Don’t do the crime if you don’t want to serve time.

  • Sarah Owens

    What do you mean by no incident? There was a police standoff for 6 hours, more than 20 shots were fired, both 9 mil. and shotgun, the police brought out the dogs and were making announcements every minute for him to come out of the house for hours, and then they had to use what sounded like a flash-bang to breach the townhouse. I drove past the house and all of the windows on the second floor were shot out. I live right behind here and heard the whole incident and would appreciate some honest answers as to what actually happened. I have three small children, and if incidents like this happen within my neighborhood I would appreciate honesty from police and reporters. It is very strange that your team was the first to report this incident, and only, it seems, after we called you and other news outlets to find out answers.

  • Sarah Owens

    Sorry, concerning my last comment, it was 11 hours until your news website reported on this. I feel this is pertinent as well. As of then, nobody else had reported it at all. Instead, the most poignant story was about the closing of the DQ at the oceanfront.

  • Kim Whitley

    Yes Sara Owens…..they make it sound like SWAT walked in with the a “search warrent and took him into custody”….
    My son and his 3 kids live just a few doors down and I searched all three media outlets all day yesterday waiting for information. Funny what they decide is “important enough” to report on………really??

    • Steve Owens

      It was about 5:15 AM Wednesday morning that he was finally arrested. We had to listen to the police on a loud speaker every minute requesting him to come out all through the night. I am sure that the people on his block really appreciated it as much as I did a block over.

      • Steven Owens

        Sorry to reply to my own reply but I have a single question that really needs to be answered. What ever happened to reporters that researched the facts, got to the root of the story and then reported the story in its entirety and let the facts stand for themselves? This story is right off of the police blotter with all of the actual events left out. This was not a casual indecent where the police walked up to the door and asked the person to leave and then Swat came with a warrant and said please and he acquiesced. The were more than 20 shots fired. The windows of the house were shot out. For at least 4 hours I had to listen to the an Officer on a loud speaker say ” To the occupants of 38XX this is the Virginia Police Department come out with your hands up” . This statement was repeated every minute from at least 2:45 am till about 5:15 am. As stated before, near the end of the standoff there were gunshots but not being able to see I could not say who shot first or why and that is not my concern. My concern is the fact that this was not considered news worthy. Was this considered trivial and of no real concern? I contacted a few of the local new agencies and at least with only the little attention this news agency did give the story they still decided to report it where the others that I contacted still did not think it was news worthy. Makes me wonder what else has been missed and should be of concern to the local citizens? Possibly the shooting at The Lounge on Holland Rd that never made the news? Is this just to make us look better as a holiday destination like Kenya is trying to do now? I would really like to see the news reported with all of the raw facts and not just a regurgitation of the spin.

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