Norfolk officer turns himself in following indictment on voluntary manslaughter charge

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Norfolk, Va. - A specially appointed Grand Jury looking into the death of David Latham has indicted Norfolk officer, Michael Carlton Edington, Jr., on a voluntary manslaughter charge.

The grand jury was also presented with second degree murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony charges, but the officer was not indicted for these.

Michael Edington

Michael Edington

Edington turned himself in to Norfolk Police on Friday afternoon. He was processed by the Norfolk Sheriff's Office and released on a personal recognizance bond.

Latham was shot by Norfolk Police on June 6th, 2014 in the 400 block of W. 30th Street. Police were originally called out to the scene after someone told them Latham pulled a knife on a family member.

When they arrived on the scene, police say they encountered Latham, who was still armed with a knife and blocking the doorway to the home. Police say he refused to drop the knife and that’s when he was shot.

The next day his mother told NewsChannel 3 she believed the officer went too far. The family says Latham was mentally ill and just wanted help.

"He was just trigger happy," said Audrey Latham. "I don't know if he was fearful or what, but he didn't give my son any time to think. They shot him like a dog."

Edington was placed on administrative leave after the shooting and Norfolk police confirm that's where he's been ever since. He remains on administrative duty pending the outcome of the ongoing court proceedings.

Norfolk Commonwealth's Attorney Gregory Underwood made the request to have the special Grand Jury investigate the case.

The Special Grand Jury was made up of seven Norfolk citizens who went through two and a half days of sworn testimony from over a dozen individuals.

Mayor Paul D. Fraim, City Manager Marcus D. Jones and Norfolk Police Chief Michael Goldsmith released the following statements regarding the Special Grand Jury’s decision: 

“The Special Grand Jury has reviewed the facts of this case and rendered its decision. The process followed is in accordance with the law and deserves our respect,” said Mayor Paul D. Fraim. “Under Chief Goldsmith’s professional leadership, our public safety officers continue the difficult work of preserving peace and justice for all in our diverse community and they have my support. I also want to express our condolences to the Latham family for their tragic loss.”

“The death of David Latham is a tragedy shared by the whole community, residents, police officers and city leaders. Chief Michael Goldsmith has worked tirelessly to implement best training practices throughout the department and I support his efforts. Norfolk police officers, along with city staff, are building partnerships with our neighbors and businesses and we will move forward together by working together,” said Marcus D. Jones, Norfolk City Manager

“This incident was tragic for the family of Mr. Latham and the City of Norfolk. I ask the public not rush to judgment and exercise patience while the case proceeds through the justice system. Norfolk police officers will continue to work hard to protect our communities and build relationships with our neighbors. These officers put their lives on the line every day and have my full support as we move forward,” said Chief Michael Goldsmith, Norfolk Police Department.


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  • Mr Skroats

    Should have dropped the knife. Instead, he chose poorly. At least the hard working honorable cop was able to go home to his family.

    • ethel

      Well, it’s stated he was mentally ill. I have to say if my autistic son was in a similar situation he wouldn’t be quick to follow orders. I go thru this everyday with him. I hate to see an officer’s job imperiled but at the same time I understand where the dead guys mother is coming from when she stated she wished she’d never called for police help. It’s just a sad ending to a family who thought they were doing the right thing and the officer who believed his life was in danger and did as he was trained.

      • Go Tides!

        The dead nutjob was a menace. He threatened his own family with a knife. He wouldn’t drop the knife when ordered by armed police officers. Why are our tax dollars being wasted convening a Grand Jury? Oh right, he “Dindu Nuffin” to deserve getting shot.

    • Jim

      The Grand Jury is right to indict the Michael Carlton Edington, Jr Mr. Latham was holding a knife but he did not attack the officer. There should be a way to diffuse the situation without killing the poor guy. According to reports, he was shot immediately when he did not drop the knife and Mr. Latham was shot twice at the back when when he ran inside the house.

  • Crazy

    Go ahead, make the cops’ job so hard that they will act just like the ones in Baltimore and work to rule. Gonna be a long summer nationwide.

  • The People

    Ridiculous ! Stupid and making it harder for the police to do their job! If the mentally ill person killed or injured someone and lived they would questioning why the police didn’t act fast enough !!

    • Go Tides!

      Exactly, we’ve got armchair quarterbacks siding with criminals, lunatics, terrorists, and retards instead of the police. Lucky for, black criminals victimize other blacks so they’ll suffer the consequences of their stupidity first. Citizens of Norfolk, arm yourselves because local democrats are hampering the P.D. Get ready to shoot a lot of criminals because it could be a while before the police can risk showing up.

  • Danny

    Police Officer of Norfolk. I beg you to turn your back on these thug communities, do as Baltimore is doing and only respond to calls when summoned by the thug familes also please take your time in responding to these calls 30 minutes to an hour response time would ensure that situations would be defused by your reponse. Please continue to protect the law abiding citizens in the better communities. Just like Baltimore, stop all proactive enforcement in thug communites, let these animals defend themselves and if they step out of line in better areas then take action. God Bless our Officers, please please give these thug communities what they want and leave them alone so they can wipe each other out.

  • Karen Yates

    I hope every officer in Norfolk does just what the police in Baltimore did. Let the thugs run rampant and let the citizens take care of their own problems. You’re going to throw a good officer under the bus for just doing his job and wanting to go home alive just to appease a bunch of racist a-holes. Way to go, Norfolk,,,it isn’t any wonder most people I know don’t want to step foot inside your city!

    • Trandy

      This grand jury indictment is merely a “feel good” move….there’s no way this results in a conviction…deranged man holding a knife is ordered to drop it…..he doesn’t do so and imperils himself. I am truly sorry this ended up in a fatality…but when you mess with the bull you get the horns.

  • mark pen

    Let me get this straight. He is 35 years old, has been diagnosed w/mental illness since age 17 & the family isn’t prepared to act when he goes off his meds. I blame them. If you know he’s not right in his head, you have a plan for that. Be proactive in lieu of reactive. Learn how to calm him, learn his triggers & be prepared to act on it. Their lack of effort in learning how to properly deal w/their insane relative, especially one they love & are suppose to be taking care of is what needed addressing. Educate yourself to his needs, recognize when he needs help & execute your plan of action. Calling in the police should be your last resort. It’s really up to the family, & they failed him.

  • bonnie

    Why did the family call the police? Were they afraid of their own son? Let the police try to figure out what to do? Don’t call a doctor? The police did what he thought was necessary.

  • andanotherthing

    What just gives me a case of the red-arse is the fact that if this was “Average Joe” there is NO WAY that we would be released on a PR bond on a charge of manslaughter……….

    Can anyone say “PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT”??…..

    • Ken

      Did you not see the part where it said he turned himself in after the indictment? He is a sworn police officer, has roots in the community, and presents a minimum risk of flight. Those reasons are enough for a magistrate to grant a PR. Quit being so judgmental without anything on which to substantiate it.

      • andanotherthing

        “”Quit being so judgmental without anything on which to substantiate it””…..Nothing to substantiate? REALLY? All one has to do is look at others that have been charged with similar manslaughter charges. Take a look and see just how many of THOSE were released on a PR bond. Whether or not they had “roots in the community”……..

        Again, preferential treatment…….

        • Ken

          And again! Quick to judge, you are. Others cases do not get taken into account at an individual’s bond hearing, only the specific individuals merit to achieve PR. You are emotionally judging this individual in this case where thankfully the respective magistrate did not. He/she applied the law. The officer was indicted not convicted. He is at this juncture, innocent. The bail hearing and subsequent PR bond were only to determine whether or not he would appear at the trial. Bail could have been set at some monetary value; however, as I eluded to before, he presents a minimum flight risk (as determined by the magistrate). Thus, the PR in lieu of monetary bond. The “average Joe” undergoes the exact some process. So my “quick to judge” statement is based on your lack of information to determine flight risk. That information was only available to the magistrate who determined it. Not you or I.

          • andanotherthing

            Got to call bull on that one. Many times people that have lived in the same area for YEARS are held under lesser charges and a much, much higher bond.

            “Average Joe” would NOT be out on the streets after being indicted for manslaughter. You can BET on that. Even if that person had lived here for 20 years….just flat wouldn’t happen.

            You’ve been living with your head in the sand for far too long.

          • Ken

            @andanotherthing. I’m not saying you are ignorant, you just know some much that is not true. I present you with a comment based on fact of law, yet you continue to provide rhetoric. If your goal is just to win by having the last word, go ahead and respond. I’ll let you win by not responding again. You aparrently just post your unreasearched opinion and scan other’s post to call them Trolls. You really don’t post anything of value. Good day.

        • Charlie

          You might be the stupidest person I have ever seen on these forums. I mean I don’t think anyone can possibly be as ignorant and full of rage as you. Another fine example of the thug community. You compare a police officer making a split second decision to a man with a knife who refuses to comply, to your homeboys doing drive bys and shooting other home boys because they need they respect and street cred? How stupid are you really? You compare an officer doing his job to thugs gunning down robbery victims, home invasion murders, and senseless black on black shootings just because of disrespect and those thugs actually go out looking to kill. Go jump off a bridge your a waste to society.

    • Charlie

      Your in the world part of the country thug punk. There are far to many upstanding white people for you thugs to riot in our streets. Destory your ghetto in pursuit of justice we don’t care. Hopefully the police stay out of your ghettos and actually protect those who pay taxes instead of bottom feeder thugs like you who just have their hands out for entitlements. Every article on this site is thug blacks shooting other thug blacks and armed robberies. So please thug tell us who is responsible for the majority of violent crime in this country and in va beach and Norfolk.

      • Go Tides!

        Blacks are responsible for a disproportionate number of crimes in this area. Luckily, most of the victims are also black. They tend to keep it within the same crime family, like the Clintons.

          • Charlie

            Ignorant thug trash. It happened in front of their face according to the interviews you moronic thug. Mentally ill man with a knife will not out it down. According to mother police just didn’t give him enough time and she doesn’t know if the officer was scared of not. You to stupid to read now, guess your boy must be proud to have an ignorant father like you. Go ahead and March in your ghetto, burn it down also in the name of justice, Martin Luther king jr is rolling in his grave with what his people have become. Animals. Every news story on these sites, black on black violence, robberies by blacks, large crowd of blacks fighting, carnival shut down because of black crowd fighting and shooting, black random acts of violence on innocent passer by flat out animals.

        • andanotherthing

          And there it is. The standard that EDDSTONE falls back on whenever he has nothing substantial to add to ANY thread. Thanks for playing EDD!!!!!

  • Beacher

    Lets not forget Sergeant Johnny Cherry of the Chesapeake Police Dept. He was killed by a mentally disturbed 16 year old AA girl with a butcher knife while he was trying to restrain her without lethal force. A knife is a weapon and will kill you (as most people are aware).

    • Charlie

      Please share your secret vacation destination. I need to get away from these animals, can’t even go to the fair at mt trashmore with out a pack of thugs showing up and fighting each other and shooting guns.

      • A!Stone!Joy!

        You can’t escape white rage… It has or will touch every corner of this planet before it’s said and done.

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