Bryant and Stratton College holds memorial for student shot and killed over the weekend in Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach, VA. - Bryant and Stratton College held a memorial for a student shot and killed over the weekend in Virginia Beach.

School leaders said Paul Abbey was a rising star at their college.

Corey Turner was Abbey's Junior Varsity Basketball Coach.  He said he has never mentored a student like Abbey. He said Abbey turned his life around after getting into trouble with the law when he was younger.

"He was an excellent student ... He would average 23 points for me as a freshman, but he was a 4.0 student.  He changed his life around.  He got in trouble and did his time and turned his life around," said Turner.

The coach was heartbroken during the memorial and crying as he talked about Abbey.

Tamera Howell said she talked to her close friend over the phone Friday night just minutes before he was shot and killed on Old Diamond Springs Road near Cheetah's strip club in Virginia Beach.

"I called his phone to ask him how far away is he.  I texted at 1:55 and said 'Where you at'?  They found his body at 1:45," said Howell.

Monday college friends and school leaders gathered in the back parking lot.  They released balloons to honor the young man who they said was excelling at college.

"He makes me want to be more positive and encourage people more and say nice things," said Howell.

"When you met him you automatically felt like you knew him forever," said Shaun Lassiter.

Turner said Abbey just got into ODU and was part of the Paralegal program at Bryant and Stratton.

Howell said he would take four or five buses in order to get to class. His coach had high expectations for the father of two and even wanted him featured on the school`s commercial.

"I love the Bryant and Stratton commercials, but Paul Abbey should be on one," said Turner.

He said the college is working to create a scholarship in his name.

Love ones want justice for the man who they said worked to make everyone else feel so special.

"Paul was the biggest flirt, old people, young people, he knew how to make people feel good...He always wanted to show love...When you met him you automatically felt like you knew him forever," said Lassiter.

"Whoever did this to this guy needs to go to jail and stay there forever," said Turner, "I never seen a day when he didn’t make him smile."

Monday police did not return repeated calls and emails about the case.

As far as we know, no one has been arrested and they have not confirmed Abbey's name.



Man shot to death in Virginia Beach


  • Quack

    Was this guy working at the go-go? Why was he there? Something does not sound right with this case.

    • Myself

      Maybe he was at the strip club?? Your question is pointless. Strip clubs are around for people to go to. I’m not sure how something doesn’t sound right. Get off the comments with your negativity .

      • Quack

        You are right, nothing sounds wrong now that other commenters have revealed his past. Don’t catch nothing bad in the go-go cause they are around for YOU to go to.

  • brenda

    I went to school with this Gentlemen. My heart goes out to his family especially his boys. I hope they find out how much their father was loved . I didn’t personal know Mr. Abbey but I had class with him. And his smile did light up the room. GOD needed one of his angel early. RIP..

  • Timmy_McFadden

    He wuz a good boy who din do nuffin’. Here’s his police record though:
    CR08004510-00 ABBEY, PAUL ANTHONY ROBBERY 02/17/2009 Guilty Plea
    CR08004510-01 ABBEY, PAUL ANTHONY WEAR MASKS IN CERTAIN PLACES 02/17/2009 Guilty Plea
    CR08004510-02 ABBEY, PAUL ANTHONY USE FIREARM IN FELONY 02/17/2009 Guilty Plea

    • Myself

      In 2009. If you would have read, it states he got into trouble earlier in life but had turned his life around. As if you did nothing wrong in life ? What a troll.

      • Timmmy_McFadden

        He’s dead because of the company he kept. Yes, 2009, but he was still living “the life”.

        • K royals

          Timmy mcfadden that was the only positive thing you’ve said he was with the wrong company but that doesnt make him bad evryone has a past yours probably worse at least he changed his life can you say the same

  • honeybeee

    thats funny you say that because paul was white. his father was caucasion and mother was fillipino. not that that matters anyway. why must race be brought into this?

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