Tidewater Comicon comes to Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach, Va. – Hundreds of people were out this weekend at Hampton Road’s very own comic convention.

The Tidewater Comicon brought in to town dozens of comic book and film characters in person.

From Spider-Man to the Guardians of the Galaxy to Jedi Knights. There even was a real-life R2-D2 at the event.

On Sunday, fans got a chance to meet celebrity guest, comic book creators and take pictures with their favorite superheroes.


  • frankie

    forget you bro. there were some talent artist’s there like matthew roberts who pencils for Manifest Destiny who is a local guy, nice people, hot cos-play girls and the batmobile. it was way funner at the 2nd annual Tidewater comic-con than what the heck YOU WERE DOING which was probably WATCHING TV, TOOL hahahaha

    • Welp....

      If by “hot cosplay girls” you mean the ones in the picture, I’d say you’re the one who needs to get out and do some “funner” things once in a while, even though you may not get to see as many “artist’s”. Going to school might be a start….bro.

    • Fun for them

      Nope, went to the beach ans surfed. It’s all good, everybody likes different things. Notice the name?

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