“He’s no hero” says transgender former Navy SEAL of Bruce Jenner

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Norfolk, Va. - Former Virginia Beach Navy SEAL Kristin Beck is blasting Bruce Jenner for how the Olympian is revealing his transgender journey in multiple news segments.

"He's no hero," said Beck during an exclusive interview with NewsChannel 3.  "I`m seeing too much of that money grubbing reality show crap."

Beck revealed her transgender journey during a 2013 interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, two years after the decorated veteran retired from the Navy.  During an interview with "The Insider" earlier this month, Beck drew comparison's between her journey and Jenner's after his interview with ABC News.

Now, Beck said she believes Jenner's decision to space out certain pieces of information is not helpful to the LGBT community.

"He’s keeping everything secret and parsing out information to fish out another 17 million viewers to make another million bucks," said Beck.  “It’s shameful and you’re not a hero if all you’re doing is trying to make money.  You can’t be an example if all you are is just that reality show machine.“

ABC news does not pay for interviews.  Jenner will reportedly reveal more about his journey in the "Keeping up with the Kardashians" reality show.

"There are kids, transgender, LGBT kids who are killing themselves every day because they have no hero to look up to," said Beck.  "They see no future.  They feel isolated, and this could have been a really good example of what you can do and could have saved some lives.  But instead, you’re going to make a few bucks.  Disappointing."

Beck has written and book and completed the documentary "Lady Valor."  She is also running for Congress in Maryland.

"I took the road where I made a documentary, did everything real quick and just said hey, here it is, here’s the information if you want to know about it," said Beck.  "And now I’m going to universities and speaking for free at colleges and universities all around the country.  I’m barely breaking even but I’m trying to show people who we are as normal folks, as something you can look and say okay I can understand it."

NewsChannel 3 reached out to Bruce Jenner's publicist for comment, but has not received a response.


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  • ethel

    Bruce is an opportunist just like the rest of the kardashian clan. Too bad idolizers can’t see it clearly. False worship…this country is FULL of it.

  • Merida

    Kristin refers to Jenner as “He” as that is what Jenner asked for in his interview. Jenner said to still call me Bruce and use male pronouns so she is being respectful in how she is addressing him. In Kristin’s case the interviews and shows she appears on it to actually educate the public on Transgender Issues and not for ratings. She is unselfishly putting herself out there and with the education it will allow those that have no idea what it is to be Transgender and what the issues are so others can avoid being called an aberration which she is not but she is a veteran that agree with her or disagree you must respect all she has done for her country.

  • Majorana Fermion

    Take home message: Every transgender person is different, just like everyone else. Some are conservative, some liberal progressive. Some are very live-and-let-live, others think they should be the one to tell everyone how to “be” transgender the right way. This shouldn’t be surprising. They come from every world region, every culture. It’s a matter of a “normal” (ie unusual, rare, but constant over time and across cultures) variation of humanity. As such, politics and other social proclivities (including religion) can be all over the map.

    • Sam Omen

      Completely agree , why should all trans be saints or wise or good or whatever , like we all have to be rolemodels so the mainstream can say “aaaaah so sweet , so nice trans “???? Maybe Bruce is a golddiger , an atentionwhore , opportunist or whatever , just like mainstream behaviour , being human , sounds like a fine rolemodel to me .

  • Kristy Pandora

    Coming out never was cause that hurt community but attacking another and tearing them down is. Beck lost all respect of majority of her own community. Hope she goes away. We dont want her to be a voice for us.

    • AGio

      As Trans person I guess my view is different Kristen. Also to TrannyintheCity ! Exploration of a community that struggles with such hatred and ignorance I find to be wrong. Bruce Jenner is exploiting both the media and trans-community and the creation more hatred and divisiveness grows! Its like 5 baby steps forward and 10 backflips backward.
      That was and us for many I know in the trans-community and experience that has caused more pain and suffering that is necessary. I recall often reflecting on my personal progress and finding, Family, Friends and My professional like making strides to find all that to become moot, often feeling the frustration of moving forward to be a struggle.
      It was not until I learned my journey & who I am cannot be taken away by those who carry the burden of hate or lack of understanding while they attempted to make their burden mine.
      Bruce Jenner clearly has offered little on contributing to the trans-community in his interviews. It has been self serving. Yet, you feel the exploitation is their Life ! If you were right I would agree. They are not only exploring their life as you say TITC, they are exploring an entire community and perform a greater disservice only to feed their own ego and purse.
      Open your eyes !

  • AGio

    I laud Kristen Beck and admire and her courage! She speaks the truth quite clearly. Bruce Jenner and the media are not eloping the trans-community on any level. How many transperson seek to capitalize on their transitions and at the same time bring more disdain through mediocre snippets that cause divisiveness.
    As a transperson, I have chosen to remain private in my life, though I support silently the trans-community, I remain silent with the LBGT who I feel exploits Trans-Youth and the Transgender Community to lobby upon their agenda. It was not more than a decade ago the LGB Lobbyists held great disdain for the trans-community and thats a fact. Even today Gays & Lesbians struggle with expectancy to the Trans-community. They have exploited us for monies to support their agenda and half heartedly accept us to this day! I am not bitter, but rather saddened by to all!
    Kristen Beck is offering reality and not asking for anything in return. She is openly and honestly offering her best experience and knowledge in an effort to find acceptance in an entire community. If I lived in Maryland she would have my vote and efforts to see her success !
    While Bruce Jenner has my support on some level, I find the exploitation from both him and his estranged family sickening.

  • AGio

    I guess you missed the interview with Jenner where He asked to be referred to in male pronouns. Your comment is antagonize and as unwelcome as your opinion. Further Kristen Beck is not making monies off of people at the same time seeking to do any more than help people with such closed minds as yourself to better understand and learn. Afterall, ignorance instills fear & hatred and your comment reflect this . Also Kristen Beck shows great empathy for trans-youth who are in such a quandary so deeply, many are dying by their own hand dues to people such as yourself and how you see to treat those in the trans-commnunity as freaks rather than human beings just like yourself.
    It sounds to me more as if that’s where your problem lies through possibly your upbringing to deny others the same happiness as yourself. If you are happy at all !

    • Michelle

      The Kardashian’s Reality show has been a part of Bruce’s life and the way her family has been financially supporting itself. I am using female pronouns because I, as a transsexual grandma, see Bruce’s life as a totality in which she has always been a female. She has had role played as a male most of her life in which she has been a very public person. She was even viewed as the ideal male. She is letting go in public what most of get to let go in private. This does not make her an opportunist. I am no fan of reality tv and have never watched the Kardashian’s Reality Show. Now the public gets to see if she transforms into the typical Kardashian female. It will be interesting to see now they rewrite Bruces’ social role in the family and may well redefine the social roles of men and women altogether. Let’s give her a chance and see how she deals. After all Bruce is going through all of the stages that the stages that all of us trans women must go through. Let’s see how she does it.

  • Alouette

    So, Beck condemns Jenner for being a publicity hound. And how does she condemn Jenner for being a publicity hound? By giving an interview with a TV channel. Duh! At least Jenner became a hero by earning gold at the Olympics. The only way Beck could become one was to kill people.

    • BigBoy

      In 1978 Bruce Jenner was on the “Wheaties” Box. Now he’s on “Fruity Pebbles”. What a freak.

  • Raquel Santiago

    While i respect everyon’s opinion the comments of “aberration” and “freak” are not called for and just go to show how far society has to come before we move past tolerance and into acceptance of everyone. It is very sad to see that in today’s societ we still have people who are either uneducated or educated very poorly

    • BigBoy

      Uneducated? A Master’s Degree? Oh, you mean not agreeing with you! I get it, you blast people for expressing their opinion when it doesn’t match your’s. You call THEM uneducated because they don’t like the declination of our once great country’s values and morals.
      Go back to bed.

      • AriGio

        BIGBOY Master Degree doesn’t prove intellect or tolerance Bob ! Your statement shows you speak of which you do not know or perhaps understand, (or care to). After all ignorance & compassion seems to carry many people into bliss. I may find your morals and values are not congruent with mine. I’d like to know the values in which you speak, as I assure you my moral compass works just fine. As for my values, I value life and hold compassion for every being on our planet. To tout you have a Masters and imply with that you morals and values are greater than another is ignorant. I have two Masters, yet, that does not measure my ability to see people, all people regardless of sexual, gender, religious or race orientations as anything but human beings. Making your comment calling others who do not fit your mold based more than likely on a precept (look up the word), or how you have been indoctrinated to use labels shows ignorants.

  • Lydia Davis

    I commend this person for all her efforts in advocating for and educating people about the LBGT community however she needs to stop hating on Bruce Jenner. If I were her, I’d be congratulating Bruce for making Transgender a part of the national conversation for over a month now and counting.

  • Teao

    Bruce Jenner gives it a World platform and can reach and open more minds and hearts of people following this, then Kristen ever would or could.. Jenner has been in the public eye for 30+ yrs.. He (Kristen) and other transgenders should applaud and embrace Bruce Jenners honesty and openess for what it will do for the LBGT community as a whole.. Beck is missing the larger picture on this one.

  • downtoearththerapeutics

    That’s hilarious Kristin…Bash Bruce because he isn’t doing it the way you want? So dysfunctional. . I’m sure you believe what you are saying but honey you are doing the exact same thing. Look in your own mirror. Your previous job was killing others. Bruce’s was to uplift others. Get over yourself.

  • Jessy

    I think this is rediculous . This is as judgement as someone passing judgement on any LGBT person. Bruce and the kardashians are reality stars why not use that to do something good. If they are already going to be on tv for reality discuss something that matters that’s demostrate a family struggle . Shame on you Kristin Beck and shame on anyone that passed judgement on the way this situation is being handled. He is constantly in the public eye whether about this or not you should be proud that someone is standing up and taking us step by step through a journey like this. You people need to find better things to do with your time that be consumed with passing judgement on how a family in the public eye is handling this situation.

  • Michelle

    Before we judge Bruce Jenner, let’s see how genuine she is on the show. Bruce has had a public life for decades and now she must transition in public. This is difficult because her family lives out a good portion of their lives in public. Bruce’s issues include the fact that she was viewed by the public as the ideal way to be a man, which she was not. Just because we transition that doesn’t mean that we change the basic patterns of our lives. Bruce has been a high achiever all of her life and practiced hard at everything she is done. She doesn’t realize that she can’t be the perfect woman, no matter how much she tries or how much surgery she eventually has, because she is transitioning late in her life. I am nearly her age, so I know the pressures a person of my generation faces when they transition from male to female. She has all of these taboos to overcome. She is currently using male pronouns because she feels the need at this time to let her male persona die, instead of incorporating it into her own life. I am interested in seeing if Bruce will become another one of the Kardashian women and live life as they do or will she find her own self.

    We probably should not make anyone a heroine or hero because we all have our own failings. As when any public personality transitions and begins a new life they have to find a means of supporting themselves. Just because Bruce is transitioning to publically be her female self, we cannot expect her to give up her means of supporting herself or her family. Nobody transitions for the money. There is no way Bruce would transition for money because it changes all of his personal relationships with her kids. Will Bruce still fulfil the daddy role with her children or will there now be two mommies in the family. I am faced with issue also. Am I my children’s mommy daddy or am I just another mother. And how will my children and their mother, my ex, accept me as a mother. Bruce’s transitioning on reality TV is going to bring up a lot of issues us trans people face in our lives and begin a public discussion of what male and female social roles mean. Can males be mothers and females be fathers. We are also faced with these issue when states allow to put both married same-sex couples on their children’s birth certificates.

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