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Mother of teen killed by Portsmouth police: ‘He didn’t deserve this’

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Portsmouth, Va. – The mother of an 18-year-old shot and killed in a Portsmouth Walmart parking lot made an emotional statement to the public on Thursday afternoon just days after learning about her son’s death.

“That’s my son, I have to speak for him. I have to be his voice. He didn’t deserve this,” says Candy Chapman.

Virginia State Police say Portsmouth Police were alerted by Walmart security about a suspected shoplifter. William L. Chapman II was spotted crossing the parking lot on foot and was approached by a Portsmouth Police officer.

During the encounter, a struggle ensued that resulted in Chapman being shot by the police officer. The officer immediately requested medics. Chapman died at the scene.

Candy says she has not been told the full story about what exactly to her son. She wants to know what happened during the last moments of her son’s life, but she says detectives have not given her much information.

“I called 911 myself after I found out it was a boy that was 18. I have not seen my son for hours. I told them my son’s name, detectives came and told me yes it was your son, and that was about seven something in the morning.”

During the conference, she smiled and recalled happy memories of her son about how he loved the library and books. She described him as a compassionate person who was soft spoken and stayed out of trouble. She says she can’t believe he’d charge at an officer the way that eye witnesses describe.

A construction worker nearby says he saw Chapman charge at the officer before he was shot.

“If he was struggling with the officer, it’s because he was afraid. That’s the only reason. Not because he wanted to harm the officer or get some type of attention.”

She says after she talked to dispatchers, she knew it was her son who had been killed.

“When I called 911, they asked my son’s name. I said William Chapman. She put me on hold, then she said I’m going to get a detective to talk to you. She said 'Do you also want to do a missing person’s report', so I said yeah. She said, “What’s your son’s name again?’ So I said, 'William Chapman, II.' She said, 'William Chapman, II'? Right then when she said that, I already knew.”

She says she has four other children and William was her oldest son.

“I have to bury my son. I still have to take care of the rest of my kids.”

When asked about the investigation, she says she hopes it is done fairly but all she wants is the truth.

“It’s time for a change. This has to stop.”


Police ID 18-year-old shot by Portsmouth officer during struggle in Walmart parking lot


  • The People

    “If he was struggling with the officer, it’s because he was afraid. That’s the only reason. Not because he wanted to harm the officer or get some type of attention.” sorry your son had to die lady, but why would u make a stupid comment like that! All i can say is WOW ! Smh

    • Bonchesva

      Really?! You find it hard to imagine that a teenage boy is afraid when he’s approached by a police officer who accuses of him stealing?! Amazing. I can see where he would be afraid if he did or did not actually steal from the store. A teenage boy stealing something from a store is not a crime that puts another person in danger of being hurt or killed, and from what I have read he was unarmed. Time for police to be retrained and use critical thinking on a case by case basis instead of killing their target.

      • Reality

        I agree that stealing something from a store is not a crime that puts another person in danger but fighting an officer the way the witnesses said he was does. You can’t jump from stealing to getting shot by the police. A lot happened in between. And someone who is “scared” of police brutality would do as the officers says, not try to provoke or assault the officer which will most likely lead to a very negative outcome whether it is that tragedy that it became or the extra charges of assault on an officer. The best way to not let this boy die in vain is to learn that you can’t fight the police on the street and expect a positive outcome; take it to court.

      • Bud

        Easily said from the comfort and safety of your living room. What, do you expect the cops to leave the guns in the car and fist fight whoever they have to deal with? Everyone wants to pick on the police when this happens. How about that fat unhealthy guy Eric Garner? Cops didn’t shoot him. They just tried to subdue him and he stroked out on them. People won’t be satisfied until the cops just walk away if the person they are dealing with acts confrontational. Fortunately for the rest of us that have to live in this world, that isn’t going to happen. And if it does, the everyday folk will be the ones doing the shooting and we won’t wait that long to do it either. OBEY THE LAW.

  • The People

    Time for a change is right ! The ignorant criminals continue to rob , steal and murder without any remorse about what they do !!

    • Amy Parker

      He charged toward the officer because he was scared? BULL! I’ve yet to hear any moms of these “victims” admit that their sons had ANY criminal history, drug charges, assault charges, etc. None of the guys that have died or were injured once engaged in an altercation with cops were innocent. They all had mug shots, a record, and/or were “frequent flyers” of the system!

        • ED

          Thank god for that. Guess he thought he could dodge the bullets like a real G. He thought wrong and died like the stupid animal he was.

    • Jack Kalash

      A freaking men, brother. Look up her court history. Larceny, assault, failure to pay child support, contempt of court. It’s a mile long.
      Her little angel just followed in momma’s footsteps and it got him killed.

  • Michael Dilday

    She really doesn’t know what happened and probably doesn’t know what her son was up to. Witnesses say he was aggressive and combative with the officer. If someone was combative with me and was approaching me in a threatening manner you bet I’d protect myself. I am sure the officer knew he was a threat. Let’s get the NAACP involved that’s all we need.

    • A!Stone!Joy!

      Sure he knew the officer was a threat. The officer was the one armed so he was the biggest threat.

      • Avoid Cops

        If this gentle child knew the officer was a threat, why did he take him on? Sorry Edisstoned, nobody will miss this creep other than mommy and she’s just looking for a check.

    • little bout Blu

      first of all it is sad all around,” but y such Cowardly cold word’s. Let this show u that proper raising and discipline of kids can cure all this losing of our future.. And Mr Nate Higgers… I don’t know if u think everybody is to dumb to understand ur name… I pick up as soon as I saw it…Coward only hide behind such stupidity

    • Margo

      Oh I caught the code Mr. Nate Higgers, you ignorant waste of trash. The way I combat you is that me and my law obiding. college educated sons vote every election and wait for most assuredly your kind is dying out. Horaaay!

  • John B. Blanche, III

    All of the situations in the news where someone was shot by the police as of late have one thing in common. All of the subjects shot were resisting the police in some way. If you feel the police are wrong fight them in court, not in the street. All of these men would still be alive if they had not resisted.

  • andanotherthing

    Witnesses people, witnesses. There are more than just ONE that have stated that they observed this person breaking away from the officer and then turning to charge at him. And yet here we see another NAACP chance to jump in and stir the pot. Then they manage to get Mommy to jump on the television to weep and tell everyone what a good boy he was and that he surely wouldn’t have done such a thing.

    Witnesses people, witnesses……

  • ethel

    I’ve seen kids act like angels at home with their mothers…but when they are out they’re completely different. Could be the case here as well. Kids are dying NEEDLESSLY because of their own aggressive actions. Parents need to stop telling their kids all cops are pigs and run or fight to get away from them. They need to know violence doesn’t make them a man.

    It will be interesting to know if this kid had friends she didn’t even know about…like gang members.

    I feel for her. I really do.

  • Sherry

    When will blacks ever accept one ounce of responsibility for their violent & criminal behavior instead of always trying to blame everyone else? Young black males are committing a totally disproportionate amount of crime compared to their percentage of the population. That’s just the cold hard truth. Sorry but if you rob a store, disobey & assault a police officer while in the process of committing a crime then you have no one to blame but yourself if you get shot. I don’t care what color you are. This is just another Michael Brown situation & I hope the entire town doesn’t have to pay for this individual’s criminal stupidity. If you want something in the store then get a job, earn the money honestly & buy the item. It’s sickening how Brown was deified given that his criminal behavior & his accomplices lies caused the destruction of an entire town ruining many black owned businesses. It’s time to stop excusing these violent thugs & it’s time to start addressing the lack of upbringing, senseless violence, criminal & gang activity.

    • A!Stone!Joy!

      When will blacks quit trying to imitate whites. That’s the real issue your violent culture has mislead blacks into thinking that’s the way they need to act.

      • Sherry

        Oh please, give the blame game a rest. It is not the white people’s fault. This guy robs a store & gets violent with a cop & that is somehow a black trying to imitate a white person??? You can’t be serious.

        • A!Stone!Joy!

          Very serious what other race has inflicted violence on a global scale. Funny you try to wash your hands when the whole body is dirty.

  • chris

    Agreed if you want change: stop breaking the law and resisting arrest. I’m so tired of hearing about this b.s. you charge a cop=most likely getting shot. #facts

  • frankie

    wrong lady. he did deserve this. attacking a cop for shoplifting? realllly? once again, a case of TERRIBLE UPBRINGING/PARENTING. a large portion of the black community in this great land has turned its back on church and Christianity, has bought the liberal program of victimhood hook,line and sinker and would rather cry for a handout than get outside, break a sweat and earn their own way/living b/ of the marxist dogma that is shoved down their throats by scholastic institutions and elitist school agendas

  • diesel251

    I feel sorry for the family, but once again someone resist arrest, fights with the Police, get hurt or killed, and someone says they did not deserve it. Wake up America!!!

  • Tasha

    Not all black people believe that all blacks that are shot are innocent. If the witnesses account is true then this seems to be a justified killing. His mother seems to be a bit delusional about her son.

  • Harabek Outlaw

    “It’s time for a change. This has to stop.”

    I agree, it is time that police officers have to be afraid of detaining african americans, because you know, every african american confronted by the police who resists arrest are obviously innocent.

  • revbacon

    One wonders if all the ghetto lottery players go to acting school first in order to maximize the chance of getting a payout. This one’s histrionics are so over the top that, if I were on the jury, I’d vote against her even if her little weasel hadn’t charged at the cop.

  • Dianna

    If he was shoplifting then he wasn’t staying out of trouble,Im sorry she lost her son but I am so sick of these parents wanting to sue or think their child was Innocent,If the police tell you something DO IT,what Is wrong with people that they wanna run or charge the police & not listen to them.If people would listen & do what they were told maybe there would be less deaths

    • tiredofitall

      He wasn’t shot because he shoplifted. He was shot for fighting with and then charging at an officer. Huge difference.

  • Margo

    Black mammy? If ignorant dumbiciles like you are working in law enforcement it is no wonder people are dying for shoplifting, loose cigarettes and petty, non-threating crimes. The police job is to protect and surve. It is the court’s job to decide the outcome of these crimes that would not even constitute nothing more than a misdemeanor. I tell you social media has revealed to me that are so many dumb, hate filled dummies like you with no regard for life. BTW Faux News is not a source of education

  • ugh

    another dead idiot. whatever. this guy had a death wish plain and simple. the likelihood of getting shot rises dramatically once you act like a dick.

  • Awakening

    All these comments have shown me is how ignorant and racist my white race is. I am ashamed that a young man who was Alleged to shoplift, notice that they did not recover any Stolen Items Lost his life and a family is at a loss. With all my power and strength in this universe I hope the same pain, hurt, and losses don’t come to you and your families. We as a white race are the most murderous and hateful of all races. Of course the kid was scared look at all the cops murdering them as a race. Shame on all of you hateful, miserable souls. Hell has the weights chained to your ankles and eagerly await your demise. I’m sorry to all races who lose anyone to these cowardly and spinless excuses for public servants. I hope when the masses fight back and burn this country to the ground I see the looks on their face…

  • Derick Jones

    well I’m a black man & I remember sitting in my friends yard & 2 guys walked pass the yard thatwe didn’t even know & the police harassed us. & after I told the office I didn’t know the guys & that I was on private property the whole time he got behind me & shoved me in the street & handcuffed me. So the officer probably more than likely tried 2 detain the kid without question just by word of mouth & black crimes are actually reported while white kids are let off with warnings. so statics don’t matter. I’m pretty sure any of these dead black people would have rather been pepper sprayed & then tased like the smart mouthed white kids from VA Beach than just shot & killed.

  • Bud

    Unrelated to this story, sort of. Black beach week, (aka College Beach Weekend) was underway all of one day and guess what? One of them was killed this morning, most likely by another black. And nobody knows nuffin. When was the last shooting down there? You guessed it, Black beach weekend a year or two ago. I just don’t get it. Seems like a pattern.

  • Tish

    sorry for your loss mom but i am a little confused because what I don’t understand is why did you know it was your son when you heard an 18 year has been shot, but than you said your son is a good kid, doesn’t bother anyone. which is it mom.

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