Woman accused of using Samurai sword to steal meth, money from roommates

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Norfolk, Va.  - A Samurai sword was the weapon of choice for one Norfolk woman.

Kristen Emmons

Kristen Emmons

According to the Norfolk Sheriff's Department, Kristen Emmons used the sword to attempt to rob her two roommates of crystal meth and money. Emmons admitted to using the sword, but says that she wasn't trying to steal the drugs, she was trying to give them back.

"He [a roommate] had left me in the apartment and so I went into his room and there was a duffel bag in there, and I just threw it out the window," explained Emmons.

Emmons says she wasn't in her right mind when she threw the duffel bag of drugs out the window. Once she realized what she did, she said she feared for her and her family's safety and confided in the first person she saw - a man on the beach.

"The guy I met on the beach had a Samurai sword and he gave me the sword to protect myself, and he came back with me to my apartment and so I came there to bring the drugs back."

Emmons said when she was back at the apartment, her roommates began attacking her even though she was armed with the sword.

She says that is how one was injured by the sword. She also says the man who gave her the sword got in the middle of the action and was hurt. Court documents paint a different picture.

In a search warrant, it states that Emmons wanted to rob her roommates of drugs and money. It says she started swinging the sword the moment her roommates walked in, also striking the man who gave her the sword in the calf.

Her roommate declined medical attention, but the man who owns the sword had to get 10 stitches.

Emmons admits that she should have just called the police, but says at the time she didn't think it was an option.

"I guess the best idea would have been for me to bring the drugs back and leave them at the apartment. Now that I think of about it afterwards, I could have gone about it differently. I just felt like I had to protect myself. I didn't know what was going to happen."

Emmons was taken into custody and has been at the Hampton Roads Regional Jail since the incident. She is scheduled to appear in court in June.


  • southerngirl58

    Didn’t watch the video, but based on the article it sounds like she and her friend were caught in the act….people do crazy things these days and having a friend that’ll rob you…..I reckon you don’t need any enemies!

  • chico2

    You have to love a sh!tbag druggies world. “Honey, we’re going to the beach, pack the towels and samurai sword.” Threw drugs out the window, feared for my family? Yeah you are out of your mind idiot, you’re a meth head.

  • James Wakefield

    she fails to mention throwing a bucket of sand thru another apartment , crawling thru the broken window , taking a shower and being arrested crawling out the back window naked …none of these things happened at the comples she lives in either

    • southerngirl58

      Sounds like you have the inside scoop….when I was her age I worked all the time, and didn’t have the strength for such foolishness….What a shame, throwing your life away like that….look at her mug shot…if she wanted to, she could make something of herself….but at this point I doubt that she even cares.

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